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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 30 juli 2015 08:51

Today is going to be a gorgeous summer day...........finally.. we're still at the same marina in Simrishamn

Mom has a sore throat so she's been up since 4.30 to medicate herself with who knows what ?? she made som funny garglig noises and than she took the camera and went out for a walk, I went back to sleep............


That awful black cloud had disappeared by 7 AM.........when I got up and we went for MY walk



My Mom is an early bird, not even the ducks want to get up...........I don't mind, but could sleep another hour or so. I think we'll take a little nap around noon tough...........a new habit of Moms that I really like



The marina looked amazing this time in thee morning.....


Lots of Germans come here.............both by boat and by campers




Is this a siamese seagull ?? or a trick shot..........most likely a lucky shot I think



Last night we went for a bikeride exploring yet another quaint city. They put planters with flowers in themiddle of the streets to slow down traffic.............again it's cobble stones so the rattling continues



The church is located in the middle of the town square and is old, very old, as a matter of fact 

the church is first mentioned in writing as far back as the year 1161. At that time it was most likely only a small fishing village chapel consisting of the existing chancel. The nave was completed in the 1200s and the arches were added in the 1400s. And by the end of the middle age the vestibule and tower were built.



and this is  the city hall



Mom just discovered a lot of boats here are marked SIN, and this one only has 14 ? ....Hmmm....

either it's a really holy one, or it's a puppy that haven't had time to sin much.....



I totally forgot to tell you about Brösarps hills, ...........2 days ago we drove a small winding road through lots of fields 

The hills of Brösarps are equally stunning all year round, with walking trails which run across large areas of moorland and along the hillsides with their unique flora, they are at their finest in the spring, when they are covered in cowslips. These high round hills were ice age river deposits sculpted by the forces of melting glacier water................of course it started to sprinkle while here


I'm on top of the wooooooorld.................It was also very windy...................notice my new collar ? it's Italian design, very fancy and very different from my old one. I didn't really need a new collar, but Mom forgot mine at Lottas house, so ..............oh well !



it's an iceberg...................watch out !!!



no false alarm..........it was only a Swans ass...............



Time to put the bike back on the rack, do the breakfast dishes and get ready for next destination...........weather is great, and so is the mood.............wooohooooo





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