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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 4 augusti 2015 18:14

We have been in Copenhagen for 2 days now, and boy do I have a lot show and tell, but let me finish the story from our previous stay. 

There was beautiful bike paths everywhere and Mom happy as a lark pedaled me around everywhere.

Here we saw some really cute longhaired cows. They even had their own schratching post, and a pond to swim.


We passed several small fishing villages and marinas, all looking pretty much the same.


turning around going back home, we met some race bikers who said something not so nice, and pointed to the other side. We kept looking but didn't see anything, so Mom said these race bikers are always in a hurry and want the entire road to themselves. ..........not to worry, but than .....................another regular guy came, and he too pointed to the other side saying something in a tone that didn't sound nice ? Mom ! you're doing something wrong I said, fix it, I don't like this at all..............oki doki. 
MOm finally realized there's a bikepath on BOTH sides, and apparantly it's real important to be on the right side ? Oh in Florida we bike on either side and get along ...........there's plenty of room for both of us...........ok so when in Rome you know.............Mom changed side and all is well...................until we got in to Copenhagen...............OMG
Here I was put on bikewatch while MOm ran in to the supermarket, she locked my collar to the bike, so what choice did I have ??

In the evening Mom painted the rocks she got from our last stop, 


on the evening walk we saw these pretty flowers and thistles


SO now to Copenhagen, we're staying at a place called Citycamp, it's dusty and primitive, but the location makes it all worth it. As soon as we got things in order we pedaled in to the city and let me tell you guys, everybody is biking, and by that I mean EVERYBODY. Mom is too slow, and can't keep up so we get passed all the time. 

Now, apparently there’s a whole bunch of rules too. Of course you stop at the light, but if you’re going to stop and turn at the light you put up your hand, right for right turn and...... .well you get the picture.. If you’re turning without stopping, you just put your arm out in that direction. ok
All this is done very very fast, Mom doesn’t have a chance in hell to keep up, so I just duck down in my basket and  pretend not being alive. ..............in any event, the way this is going it may come true.............
look, there's so many bikes they have several levels of parking
here we go ............
Look Mom , we can rent an electric bike, and than maybe you can keep up with traffic..............................no way no how, she says, this is good enough, or you'll walk ...........
Sorry Mom..........
This guy is very nice to his dog giving it shelter while he's preforming for the people
We're at the main street called Stroget,and here's always all kind of street artists, this guy is just standing still ??  and that's an art ?
it is very crowded on this street, so thankfully Mom walked with the bike, and even that was difficult
these kind of bikes are a common sight here
let's get one please please, I would get so much more room, and I can have ...................forget about it
Mom decided to get away from the crowds and go to CHRISTIANIA, which is a "free town" that the hippies occupied 40 something years ago.
NONONO, shit MOm are you sure this is the right place ? it looks a little................seedy ???
Yeah, no worries we'll be fine. A lot of artists live here, and Mom had the best lunch and a smoothie to die for, ALL organic, fresh and you know what..........
For some reason you werent allowed to take any pictures on what was called Pushers street, but you know how Mom is, she snuck in one anyway..........behind those curtains they were selling mariuana, and it's NOT legal, but after cops constant raids trying to stop it, they finally gave up ..........and now they say it's keeping the heavier drugs out .............???

Christiania covers an area of more than 85 acres
and houses almost one thousand inhabitants, but every year, more than a million people visit the Freetown. Some of them use Christiania almost every day, others pay a quick visit to the village in the middle of Copenhagen. Christiania is thus one of the greatest tourist attractions in Copenhagen, and abroad it is a well-known “brand” for the progressive and liberated Danish lifestyle. Many Danish businesses and organizations also use Christiania as a show place for their foreign friends and guests. The purpose is to show something Danish that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.


In November 2008 Christiania brought on a court case against the state concerning the collective use of the total area and identity of Christiania. A part of this court case about the individual citizens of Christiania’s right to their houses or businesses was held in March 2009. The verdict in the High Court on May 26, 2009 was in both cases negative towards Christiania, which lost both cases. Christiania appealed both cases to the Supreme Court and on February 11, 2011 Christiania lost again!

Then soon after this the state made Christiania an offer to buy buildings and land in the ‘city area’, buying buildings and renting land in the ‘suburbs’ and renting buildings and land in ‘the country side’.



Christiania decided to accept the offer and July 1, 2012 a Foundation was created to buy Christiania for 125 mill. Danish kr. (= 16.8 mill. Euros). Of this amount 40 mill. Danish kr. were deducted from the price because Christiania had promised to renovate and maintain water, sewages, electricity, rights of ways and the rural spaces.

Extra 30 mill. Danish kr. can also be deducted from the original amount, if projects done on any of the listed buildings or land is made in agreement with the state.
Yes – Christiania is an open area for everybody to use. So Welcome!
Yes – People in Christiania pay rent. (Every adult above the age of 18 pays a monthly fee of 1.200 Danish kr. (= 160 Euros). On top of this one has to pay for the amount of space one occupies (Square meter payment). The money goes to pay the mortgage and the 5 children institutions run by Christiania, the technical management (water, sewage, building maintenance and open areas.)
On top of this every citizen and business are meant to take care and pay for the maintenance of their own housing. Houses, living space or business space cannot be bought or sold, so people who leave Christiania will not have compensation for their investments in Christiania’s house or land.

Yes – Christiania pays building tax to the city of Copenhagen

Yes – Christiania has had agreements, so called “treaties” with all the different governments of Denmark since 1972.

No – There are not any illegal houses or living space in Christiania.

The government has said that Christiania could remain an alternative-lifestyle community as long as residents obeyed the law, paid rent and stopped selling drugs................which they obviously have NOT

The enclave took root in 1971 when dozens of hippies moved into a derelict 18th-century fort on state-owned land. In 1987 Christiania, the name residents gave to the fort, was recognised as a "social experiment" and people living there were later given the right to use the land, but not permitted ownership. The government now wants to end that agreement.

This bikeshop should have a booming business


there's a lot jamming here too, the guy in red pants could hardly stand up, drunk or something, but he sure could play the guitar........



and this kid listening very intent.....



I can see why the government would like to get this property back, it's beautiful waterfront, and we biked a very nice path, with gorgeous flowers. Not all houses looked like they could handle a winter tough.




OK enough of this place,now we need to get back, and I for one are not trusting Mom to 100% on this one. We've been pedaling in so many directions ?? .............Piece of cake she says,........... and we get lost...........just a few blocks she said, no panic.

Copenhagen has a lot of canals, and we were on the wrong side to make it back, we only need to find a bridge .


and we're staying where those 3 chimenys are..................




Ok, we made it back, but let me tell you , Mom was pretty beat,and we went early to bed. 

We did it again for one more day, and I'll tel you about that tomorrow............

It's really time to make supper now, and take me for my evening walk 





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