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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 9 augusti 2015 07:29

 Yupp, sure enough we did get to Legoland, but I was a little worried since most of the night it was raining. We stayed at a field by a farm house, and as ususal Mom was up by the early dawn, and there was a big black cloud up above. 

Still as soon as Mom had her coffee, and me my morning run, we went to a completely empty parking lot at Legoland, parked and waited..........and that was a smart thing to do, because by 9.30, the clouds broke up, the lot exploded with cars and it looked like it was going to be an OK day. Yes I was able to come along in my carriage, and again Mom had to put up with a lot of comments and giggles about that...............but who cares .......


 The first Legoland was opened more than 40 years ago in 1968 in BILLUND, Denmark and it is also the park using the highest number of Lego bricks - over 58 million pieces.......(who counted ?)

The largest Lego-themed park in the world is in Orlando Florida which opened in late 2011, but Mom has been there (no dogs in that park ) and she wasn't impressed.

This park on the other hand is amazing, sure it's mostly geared to kids, but .................yeah, who cares, Mom is a kid at hart. 

This is a scene from Copenhagen we just visited.


and here's Amsteram



The details and all the interactive moving parts sure made it interesting even for adults.

This is Sweden and the Channel with all it's locks, that we visited last time we where here with Adrienne..


and yes the boat was moving along...........

here's a very well known hotel by one of the channels


Swedish midsummer, and a guy fixing his Volvo



I found a little friend who didn't think it's weird me sitting in a carriage, I liked her



This of course is the capitol, and we all know that lady in NY harbor......and the guys on the mountain.........the pigeon is not part of the display,  but we know how they like statues...........




here's fishermen on a bridge in Holland, and a guy out on a whale watching cruise 




They had all different scenes, a little indian town, where you can cook your own hot dog wrapped in dough, on an open fire. Notice the only one wearing a feather playing the game is the old guy ..........



They even paid tribute to me visiting.................yeah right 


This dog should see a doctor, he never stopped peeing ???




Now we're in Norway ..........


Every winter all the little pieces and people are taken in to be washed...............

The small details really impressed, you had to look closley to notice all the work they put in to it. 



look at that guy carrying all the packages for the lady shopping..........





A kodak moment



In the pirate cove there was a lot of shark swimming around, but I don't think they were hungry, because the little duck baby didn't looke scared at all.



Mom got a real kick out of these signs for the bathrooms



they had legocars, kids could drive and get traffic lessons, they even had their own police woman with a radar gun.


and of course they had a zoo


HEY,HEY..........where is this guy taking me ? .........MOOOOOMM.............I didn't do it ..........I swear...




Here's Cape Canaveral, which is close to where I live in Florida............sure, they had this in Orlando also, but this one was narrated in English ! and they made a pretend launch, with count down,smoke, fire and boom......and.............it was awesome


Here's the snoring guy who's twin is snoring in Florida............must be a tired family 



we spent almost all day here exploring, and when we finaly left, both exhausted, Mom said we should drive towards Copenhagen and get back to Sweden.



When we stopped so I could smell the flowers ;-)



 she had changed her plans, (what else is new) after we went over the first bridge, to the middle island called FYN, she noticed a campsite right on the beach...........a place called VEJLBY FED and off we went.

The place is great, clean and inexpensive and a few steps to the water..........we'll stay here for at least 2 nights, and maybe, just maybe Mom will go for a swim ..................I would if she let me..........


This is how the country of Denmark looks like, we have been a bit in to the blue part, which is the only part of Denmark that's attached to main land. (Germany) Right now we are in the green part at the X, and Copenhagen is located on the right side of the purple part.



can you see the X where we are now ?




all is great..........

see you tomorrow. 











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