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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 14 augusti 2015 09:52

Yesterday we got company from the RVclub, a lady who weren't that far from us came by, and that was cool.



We stayed 2 nights at this marina in HÖGANÄS, which was very nice and according to Mom just the right price. One of the walls was decorated with tiles made by visitors, and Mom absolutlely LOVED it........

maybe a future idea to decorate something in Florida.................it's a little like the quilt she once made where her friends was drawing a square each.



This was my favorite tile, it says happiness is a warm puppy....................well, I'm not a puppy, but I'm warm and make Mom happy every day.............right ?  


this was a gorgeous boat, but was parked so there was  noway to get a good picture




early morning picture of a fishing boat, water was like a mirror..............I didn't see it, I





As we were leaving Mom noticed this funny looking giraffe, so she had to turn around to get pictures..............



and what statue is complete without a pigeon on the top ?



Next stop was in a town named VARBERG, and since Mom knew this place pretty good, we went straight for the harbour, but there was only 4 spots for Rvs, and they were already taken, so we parked and went for a walk on the fortress.


Varberg Fortress was built in 1287-1300 by Count Jacob Nielsen as protection against his Danish king,who had declared him an outlaw after the murder of King Eric V .Jacob had close connections with King Eric of Norway and as a result got substantial Norweigan assistance with the construction. The fortress, as well as half the county, became Norwegian in 1305.

King Erik's grand daughter, Ingeborg, inherited the area from her father, King Haakon of Norway. She and her husband, established a semi-independent state out of their Norweigan, Swedish and Danish counties until the death of Erik. They spent considerable time at the fortress. 

The fortress was augmented during the late 16th and early 17th century on order by King Christian IV of Denmark. However, after the Treaty of Brömsebro in 1645 the fortress became Swedish. It was used as a military installation until 1830 and as a prison from the end of the 17th Century until 1931.

It is currently used as a museum and B&B as well as private homes. The moat of the fortress is said to be inhabited by a small lake monster. In August 2006, a couple of witnesses claimed to have seen the monster emerge from the dark water and devour a duck. The creature is described as brown, furless and with a 40 cm long tail...........

I'm pleased to walk on my own instead of being in my wagon on these cobble stones


For being a neutral country, Sweden sure have a ot of canons all over on their shorelines ???



They haven't been used for over 100 years Mom says............so why are there bodies still laying

around ? they don't look old ?




This must be the dinner bell ?




and this is the old bath house that was built in 1823,and it's cold water and a place where you swim naked, men and woman separate.

VARBERG has a tradition of many health spas, and this is the oldest. 


The wiev from the fort is awsome..............somewhere behind the horizon is America.............



Down there is Lucy waiting.................and it's lika a sauna inside ...........finally nice warm weather woohooo says Mom 


After exploringg this town, we kept on going North, staying in a place near KUNGSBACKA.We got closer to Gothenburg, but this morning we found out there's no showing at the Volvo factory on Fridays, so I suppose will just pass, since we're both sick of big cities.

all is well, miss you all

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