Alla inlägg den 13 maj 2016

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 13 maj 2016 00:54

Hellooooo !!! long time no see..................have you missed me ?  Well, here I am again, getting ready to go back to Mom's puppy land. There's been a lot of rushing around these last few days, both Mom and I had to visit our doctors and mine updated my passport. And what Mom did I don't know?

For days, Mom has been packing and unpacking to make sure they weight is right. I have no clue why she would need so much stuff, we have all we need in Lucy, don't we? 




I will miss Lilly, I wish she could come  too, but she would be too scared and make a lot of noise on the plane.


Mom is walking around taking farewell of her orchids 





the "frangi pangi" gave me a bon voyage flower ............




And the datura also gave a goodbye flower




Couple of days ago we went to my store to pick up treats and something to chew on for the trip.

Mom insisted on me trying on a Florida sun hat. She thinks it would be so cute at the airport, and when we land you'll look adorable she says ............I say NO NO NO, end of discussion..........besides, that's a girlie hat........am I right, or am I right ?

Actually, Mom knows about my aversion to clothes, she just can't help herself sometimes, and I suppose she'll expect me to eventually give in...........NO NO NO never




we are ready waiting for our ride to the airport, can't wait to see everybody and I hope the summer weather is coming back.




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