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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 17 maj 2016 13:57

Finally I got Mom to help me to update my story. She has been so busy taking care of Lucy,so I've been feeling very neglected for a couple of days.
As ususal I was on my best behavior on the flight, and slept most of the way. For a little while I was sitting in Moms lap, but it got too warm, so I prefered my bag on the floor. Flight was late landing in Oslo, and the connecting flight to Stockholm was closed, at least that's what it said on the board. I did hear Mom saying a bad word reading the flight schedule trying to figure out how long we'll have to wait, and if there was time for me to go outside. All of a sudden a man in uniform comes running and he grab me and Moms bag telling us to hurry up. Mom snatched me back from him thinking he was a dognapper ? but she tried to keep after the man since he had her bag. As we're running he explained that the pilot was waiting for us ? like we were famous celebrites or something. Getting on the plane everybody was in their seats staring at us, but who cares at least we're on time for the train out of Stockholm, or so we thought.
As an after thought, how the dickens did this guy know that we were the missing passengers? I know he was at the same flight as us from Orlando, but we were never introduced ?




After landing in Stockholm we got the suitcases very quickly and everything got loaded on a wagon and Mom pulled it all outside and I found a very nice plot of green grass to do my business.
Than off to the train, and now the difficulties start. It's almost impossible to buy a ticket if you don't have an Iphone. Sweden is very advanced in technologies,and for an old lady like Mom it's not easy, and she's tired and irritated that noone is willing to help her ( I should have done the asking for us ) Finally she managed to buy a ticket from a machine, but the first 2 trains had no seats, so we had a long boring wait before the train arrived.
Mom could hardly pick up her suitcases so a kind man helped, and finally we arrived at our friends station where Ove and Elvy was waiting. Now there was only an hour drive left before the final destination, and I finally got to stretch my legs in a long run.



It's pretty cold here so we slept in Helges cabin the first night. He had prepared with a nice fire in the stove so it was warm and very cosy. It was 1AM Saturday morning Swedish time,(7pm Friday UStime) before we got to bed, and Mom still had trouble sleeping, but I was fine.
Following day it was time to give Lucy attention, and first the waterpump refused to work,it pumped water that never came to the zinks, instead it poured out underneath Lucy and that put a damper on things. Mom saw a big repair bill thinking she had forgotten to empty the hotwater heater for the winter and everything is probably bust. Well, it's weekend and there's nothing to do about it now, since repair places are closed. Second night we slept in Lucy and in the morning Mom decided to read the instruction book, and low and behold, there it shows a saftey switch on the heater that releases if it gets to cold and the water empties..............awesome saftey switch for people who doesn't know what they're doing. Mom loccated the switch and ...........voila everything worked. Hallelujaaaaaaaa

Second issue was a seal on the toilet tank, which was no news Mom had already ordered it, and it was waiting to be installed. Unfortunatley it was a second seal that was needed, (again reading the instruction book) so that's the last fix needed.

Today is nice and sunny Elvy and Ove is having "fika". Temperature is aroud 55, no complains


I'm getting older, and Mom says it shows on my eyes and coat, but I still have the power of hypnotizing some people. One look at Ove and he heads straight to the fridge to find treats, just the way I like it....................woo hooo



This place is a little old fashioned so Mom have to get the water from a well. It's a summer retreat, and it's fun to experience how people used to live a long time ago. We sure have it a lot easier now a days.



The place we are at now, does not have good wifi, so Mom have to drive Lucy in to the village to connect, but it's not so bad. The peaceful atmosfere more than makes up for it and the first morning we heard the coocoo bird and saw 2 deer at the corner of our friends property.........sure is something to be said aboutt living in the country.......

Not sure about any plans for the next few days, I'm probably the last to know, but it doesn't matter as long as I'm not left behind. Not a chance in hell Mom says, where she's going, so am I.
Stay tuned, my story is to be continued.


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17 maj 2016 14:20

Hallo sweetie, nice to have you back again. Waiting for your kiss!! And- Maybe I say Maybe- there is a surprice for you when you arrive!!

EvaLena Hallgren

20 maj 2016 17:38

I can't wait for your treats and kisses.



17 maj 2016 18:01

So good to hear from the 2 of you. I have been so worried about you. The last I heard you were at the train station with a long wait for a train. I am so glad you are both safe. You have got to quit taking these long trips. I am getting to old for all this worry. Hope after you get all the kinks out that the rest of your trip is smooth sailing. Have fun and be careful and don't forget to look after mom. Love you both

http://USA Florida

EvaLena Hallgren

20 maj 2016 17:34

You don't have to worry about me I'm just fine Mom is taking good care of me.Lucy is finally cleaned up and ready, so we're on the road now. I'll let you know where tomorrow.



17 maj 2016 20:11

Skulle så gärna vilja veta vad du skriver, men översättningen till Svenska finns inte att välja :(

Kram på er!


EvaLena Hallgren

20 maj 2016 17:22

så tråkigt, jag har alltid trott det fanns en Svensk knapp? men det beror förstås på att Bloggplatsen är en Svensk sida. Enda du kan göra då är at kopiera och klistra i google översätt. Hoppas vi ses någonstans i husbilslivet. kram

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