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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 22 maj 2016 09:50

We're still at the small paper mill village but last night the smell from the mill was replaced with a heavenly scent from Birgitte's kitchen,as she made Mom's favorite pork roast. Unfortunately, this brought out a  side of Mom I didn't know she had,and it's greed..................Thank heaven Birgitte noticed and fixed it.................... 




Mom said not to waste those good pieces on me, she said I don't savor the taste like she does ?
That's Bullsh##, Sarah and I did get our fair share, as Mom trying to save it all for herself, she even stole a piece that Birgitte meant for me, but she fixed her ass and gave me an even bigger piece on HER plate. Hahaha




Mom stuffed herself so she could hardly move or breathe after supper, too bad she didn't listen to my offer to help out.

Breakfast was pretty amazing too, according to Mom. I don't care much for herring...but she could have shared the eggs..........



We visited Mrs.Sorensen and usually,she immediately goes to the fridge when she sees me, but this time I had competition in cuteness.Anita is the Mom and his name is Gosta. I met him before, and we're about the same age and according to Mom equally spoiled.



we do get along just fine, but neither one of us are much into running around the house playing, so relaxing on the couch getting hugged is not a bad life. 


 Gostas Mom had made a rhubarb pie, and supposedly that was not something I would have liked ? I'm wondering why I couldn't be the judge of that,and at least get a taste?

The cat, Morris are not afraid of me anymore, but she still doesn't let me love her like I love Lilly. I think she's very cute, maybe next time she'll soften up a little.




Apple trees are in bloom, and very pretty.




Birgitte has a very nice garden, beautiful flowers and a lot of  plants Mom can't have in Florida.




well, dandelions are probably  flowers that exist all over the world and are considered a weed in most places. Not sure I understand that? the flower is pretty.


Not much is happening around here, it's quiet and relaxing. Weather could definitely be better but at least it isn't raining, and we do get a little sun in between the clouds.

All is well, 

Kisses for all Buttons










22 maj 2016 15:15

Let's see if this works so I can leave a comment.




22 maj 2016 15:19

I think my post worked. I so enjoy your travels. Keep posting. We are going to Seattle, WA and Alaska soon. Enjoy.......




22 maj 2016 20:18

Just saying hello. That little dog sure did look like Muffin, but then is seems that every little dog I see lately does. You need to learn how to make that pork Roast while you are thee, it really did look good. Take care and enjoy your trip. Kisses to Buttons.

http://Viera, Florida

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Lena i England

23 maj 2016 08:32

It looks like you are having a nice time and the food looks great and lots of beautiful flowers. Enjoy ☀️

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