Alla inlägg den 25 maj 2016

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 25 maj 2016 10:11

It's Wednesday already, and I'm a little upset with Mom that she keeps insisting on going to places in the country where the WiFi connection is almost nonexisting, but Lotta's place have everything else tat we like, so you dear friends have to be patient and wait until we once again get back to a city with decent connections.
Anyway, let me start where I left off.

Monday morning Gosta and I managed to manipulate Mrs. Sorensen to empty the fridge and give us all the goodies. It wasn't all that difficult she's a sucker for us cute hairy kids, and for a change Mom didn't interfere, and let me eat all the treats handed to me.



Lucy had a broken light bulb which Mom had not noticed, but Lennart who's a truck driver immediately noticed and wanted to fix it. Too bad there's no store that sells them here in the village (as a matter fact, there are no stores at all here) so that's something Mom has to fix as soon as we get back to civilization.




Since Mrs. Sorensens fridge is emptied it's time to get on the road and look for one that's filled up, so on the road we went, and driving south to next destination, which is Lottas and Morris house.






Here again, we're being served a great breakfast and a delicious supper. I thought that maybe we should have a TVshow, where we visit and talk about the food being cooked at all of our friends' houses. Heaven knows there's a million of cooking shows on Swedish television already, so one more wouldn't hurt, but ours would be the greatest since I could give a different perspective on the flavors. Mom says I don't taste the food since I just devour every piece I get in record speed...........what does she know anyway ?



Finally, a real summer day with temperatures over 60, so and Mom and I relaxed in the sun, and lo and behold it was actually getting too hot to lay there so I had to look for a shady spot. 




We went for walks in the woods and Morre came along, just like Lilly always does. Pretty cool even if he's not willing to walk paw to paw with me.



We came to a house where this strange animal lived. I couldn't for my life figure out what was the front or the back. As soon as I tried to sniff one end, the darn thing turned around and went the other way ? It didn't have a scent I recognized so I gave him a very loud piece of my mind. Strangely enough, it didn't seem to be affected by my barking at all ?
Mom finally had to carry me away from it.




walks around here is very nice, something we've been doing several times. Here's Lotta's friend joining us. Unfortunately, there are billions of ticks here, and even tough I'm on a pill that makes them not wanting to suck my blood, they still take a ride on me, and Mom is disgusted about the thought they'll migrate on to her. ............so take a pill I say ???  only made for dogs she says..........



 There's a lot more to tell, but this short piece has taken all morning to upload pictures, so Mom tells me I have to wait until we find a better WiFi connection..........Hmmm.....where have I heard that before ? 

Tuesday morning my stomach was making some awful noises, so I had an awful feeling about not getting any treats but no worries, I'm fine now.

We had a long busy day, but I'll tell you tomorrow I hope.










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