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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 4 juni 2016 07:42

Early morning and I really don't feel like getting out of bed, but as usual Mom gets up and make coffee and are always in such a hurry to make the bed, so I have to get up. Good thing I can go back to sleep after my morning whizz. For the first night, we're staying at a campsite so Mom could take care of the laundry and we have free WiFi, that works like a charm despite the fact we're now far into the mountain forests. 


We're in a small town nice and quiet and mountains all around, not like the kind we saw last year in Norway, but still pretty. Amazingly enough, they do have traffic lights here, and people wait for the green light before crossing the streets, despite no cars coming.



This is supposed to look like a bear but not quite sure ? It's all made of planks, but I think the artist made some miss calculations and had to prop up his head after he finished.



Driving along I could tell Mom was happy when she saw the snowcapped mountains like she's really at home. She says this is pretty but under no circumstances would she be smiling if she was here in the cold and dark winter. There was nowhere to pull over for pictures of that, but we did stop at a stream in a place called Noppikoski, a name that sounds funny to Mom so she kept repeating it for me .....ha


This river is about 70 miles long, and in the old times they used to send the logs down to the coast by 
floating them down stream.
Here at Noppikoski is a narrow passage and a waterfall, so there was a battle in this section and it caused
some concern about logs getting stuck.There are many stories about the timber getting stuck and forming big stacks here during the
floating operations . Once, in the early 1900s ther was a hughe stack of more than two hundred thousand
logs here. A man with the nickname "The Beak", was summoned . He was a specialist in how to
blow timber stacks apart.
Just when he was at the bottom of the river channel and loading the dynaminte, the timber began to move.
All except "the Beak" made it to saftey. He was hit with a large stone and disappeared in the stream.
He got up again , but a log hit him in the back and everybody thought that it was the end of him.
A moment later, however, the spectators see how "the Beak" crawled up on the shore, bruised and wet.
He went to the hut , changed clothes and went back to work as if nothing had happened .Don't know the truth about this story , but it's a little amusing.

Driving along in a slow pace taking in all what nature offers, hoping to see a moose or a bear or
or something wild..........but no such luck
Here's a swamp, but no gators here.......


This is a spot where you can take a break, fish and cook the catch on the fire. It's so peaceful and the best part
no mosquitos yet. There's plenty of pollen though, makes it a little tough on Mom, but she'll
have to choke it up.




After we set up camp, and Mom loaded the washing machine we went for a walk along the river,
it was a gorgeous evening.



in this little town, they have a charge station for cars, looks like something from a sience fiction movie
but soon a reality in many parts of Sweden.

Now I'm caught up in my story, and it all happened while I was taking a nap. Later today
we'll continue the drive north, to visit with Moms aunt.
All is well, miss you all.



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