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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 14 juni 2016 11:55

Yesterday morning I was promised help to continue my story, but after my whizz and Moms morning coffee, she turned on the news and heard the news about what had happened so close to my Florida home. The rest of the day became very somber and Mom reading and watching news trying to make sense of it all.

There is no sense to this tragic event, and it's not what my blog is all about, so I'll continue where I left off.

Sunday we were lucky to get a ride from Moms nephew far into the forest to look for moose and to find  a very rare and protected orchid named Norna.

Mom was so impressed that our guide knew exactly where this flower was, and that with no paths or markings.




For some reason it seemed a lot harder to locate a moose ? We saw only one little cow who was standing on the road watching us .




This is a message to my buddy Max in Florida. I did take your advice to hunt down a moose on my own. 

I jumped it from behind, bit his neck and quickly chomped down all I could eat before getting stopped by Mom. ................burp...........true story ..........     




We continued driving on small roads that are made for the people working chopping down trees with their heavy machines which is a shame since not a single tree are saved. They do put down new plants, (Mom has been part of a team doing that years ago) but it takes years and years before it's a forest again. 


We made a stop at a gorgeous summer cabin and there I met some friends and was free to roam.....................what a great life these guys have.



While I was free to roam, Mom and her friends made coffee and sandwiches on open fire.I did get a small taste and it was real good. 





Oh yes, there was another little incident I wasn't planning to tell, but Mom is forcing me............while everybody was walking into the woods to look at the orchid, I was left alone in the car, and lo and behold there was this great tasting bologna left for me. Well, it wasn't for me they said, but nobody was willing to eat the part where my teeth has been, so I got more ( Great thing to know for the future) I'll lick it and it's mine




Mom showed her little fishing rod and tried it out, but it didn't work very well, despite help from guys that knows a lot about fishing.



mosquitoes was getting very aggressive ( according to Mom) so we continued on home.

The moss on the rocks looks like it's painted on 



Wind has died down and the water is like a mirror,




Adrian, Mom did take your advice not to go further north yet but mostly because she found out that this year it wasn't much snow on the wilderness road towards Norway so the novelty and the excitement would have been lost. 


 and we're now at another gorgeous place where relatives live, but I'll tell you more about that tonight.












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14 juni 2016 13:31

What exactly did you " steal" Buttons? Falukorv? Tonight I Morre have eaten two mice in lottas bedroom! She wasnt happy at all and said that she never will forget to close My entrance again! They have no taste att all, Therese moms! Love Morre

EvaLena Hallgren

6 juli 2016 09:18

you can have your mice Morre, I stick with sausages and poop

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