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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 27 juni 2016 12:46

Finally, Mom is listening to me that's time to let me continue my story, she has made a few attempts but there's always something else more important to her, and of course wifi doesn't always work either.

A week has gone by and midsummer celebration is over, so now days are slowly getting shorter again. 

Still,the sun goes down at 11.30 PM and up at 1.30 AM where we are now.

We spent several days at Vanjas house, and Mom was so happy to get the opportunity to work a little in the garden. Guess she's been missing her own garden



on an early morning I got a haircut and a nice massage in the sun, it was splendid and according to Mom I look like a million bucks...............I think I always do. Mom asks me to please stay this way, but it's not easy when grass is wet and newly cut, everything sticks to me.




This guy could also use a grooming and a haircut but maybe he's like a spy or detective or something.............. you can't see his eyes so you don't know where he's looking, and he has his sidekick casually peeking out behind his butt.




Here we are at the steps of Vanja and Lizze's house




After a few days, we went into town and parked at a place I've been to many times before. All of a sudden I heard a motor sound I recognized very well ?? Oh My Gawd ! I couldn't believe it, it's my buddies from way down south AWESOME. They're here to celebrate midsummer with me woohoooo.




Midsummer eve was nice and sunny so we all went to Moms favorite place and listened to music and watched as the children danced. These three were so cute as they posed for Moms camera. 




I was lucky and got to ride in my carriage, Mom says it's so I don't get stepped on when there's a crowd.



This little girl is wearing the traditional Sweden dress, and flowers in your hair is also a part of the tradition.




This is the church Mom was forced to visit as a puppy, she doesn't care about church  stuff anymore, but still feel this particular place is special. The location is gorgeous, and Mom grew up on the other side of the river opposite to this church.



this is the view from our window where we stayed the first night




Following day we drove 6 miles down the river to a new campsite that is absolutely gorgeous according to Mom.  Who cares about all that ? All I care about is the fact that I now have TWO refrigerators to run between and I think there's more stuff in the camper than it is in Lucy..................Mom is cheap....



At lunch, I was left watching Lucy as Mom and her friends went to eat a shrimp sandwich. This place is famous for their scrumptious shrimp...................




I will continue this story later tonight, as for now, it's FIKA time


All is well




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