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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 6 juli 2016 09:56

Yesterday morning we woke up to a serious rainstorm, that was so bad not even the ducks came out. It was so loud on the roof Mom couldn't hear the phone and I were so scared I was shaking. We changed plans and stayed put until it was all over, so Mom could hold me tight and soothe me. ........spoiled little brat Mom said........
The plan was to make it to Lotta's house where there is a surprise waiting for me? Hint: it's not a squeaky toy.
Storm let up in the afternoon, so we packed up everything and left the ducks fending for themselves. (Mom fed them a lot of bread)
On the road heading south, Mom all of a sudden changed her mind(she does that a lot) when she saw the sign for TROSA, which is a small town she heard a lot about, but never been to, so now is a good time she thought.

Rosa, translated means pantie,wonder how many jokes people living here heard about that. As a matter of fact, this town is also called "the end of the world", and had something to do with the seafarers back in the old days.

We parked at the marina with many other RVs, twice and 3 times bigger than Lucy,but she doesn't care one bit, we have what we need (my treats) inside her little body.




never before have I seen this kind of camping ?


After a bite to eat we went for a long walk to explore the city, and it is an adorable quaint town, with channels, bridges and lots of climbing roses. Mom checked out the real estate office because this would be a great town to live in. She quickly realized that'll never happen, the prices was astronomical..............Well, it'll suck in the winter anyway.




I read the menu, and this restaurant had a few tasty things,and free seconds but Mom said we had food in Lucy we had to finish




Trosa became a city in 1610and this is the town hall built in 1985 which is a replica of the second version built 1725. The first town hall was built 1711, but the Russians burnt it down when they invaded 1719.The second building was torn down 1883
In the old days Trosa had a flourishing fishing industry, but nowadays plays host to hundreds of yachts and cruisers of summer visitors.




Mom chatted with a police officer and he gave her advice and wrote down a different route on the back of a ticket that'll be more scenic than the big road.When he mentioned ferry I thought oh noooo that's so scary, but this is a short one he said and we will both stay in Lucy for the ride.



Look at this little boys face, the happiness he feels to sit on a cops motorcycle is shown all over his face.




we bought strawberries at the market and headed back to Lucy for supper.




In the afternoon I had the most gorgeous cutest twin sisters visiting me. They were cute 2-year-olds but a little bit too close and touchy for my comfort. They kept wanting to hug me and put all of my toys on top of me. ........oh well,as usual, I'm patient and they were the cutest little girls,Mom have ever seen.  

Mom took lots of pictures and canät decide which ones to post, so there are many.  



You never know but today we're supposed to get to Lotta's house, and I'll get my surprise.........wooohooo I can't wait.

Weather is great and all is well, but unfortunately the rapport for a few days ahead does not look good, but with a little luck, we may be somewhere it doesn't rain.


be good you all





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