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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 10 juli 2016 22:08

This is an outrage.......................I had to wait 4 days to tell you the surprise I got when we came to Lotta's house.....but what else is new? The excuse, this time, was no wifi...................well nothing to do I just have to remain patience. 

In the morning we followed the policeman's suggestion to drive a small scenic road. We got to the ferry and I didn't have to worry, it was one of those small freebies that's part of the road and took about 5 min to cross. 

Looking north it looked like rain so Mom wanted to turn south real quickly, but since we had already driven on there was no return. 


this was a very pretty road,narrow and winding through many fields, so I do understand why the cop who was driving a motorcycle suggested it. Even though I love Lucy very much, she definitely does not take the curves very well.

WE got to the end of the road and another even smaller village. This place was mostly for people with sailboats and people who want to dress fancy and eat out. It started to rain so Mom decided to try to drive away from it...


By the time we got to Lotta's house(and the surprise) it is sunny and warm.............................the surprise was the cutest little kitten named Sarah




I don't think she had seen a dog before because she was scared and hissed and spat at me. haha, I'm used to it, doesn't bother me. You know who I grew up with ? I decided to make her understand I was nice and she had no need to be scared of me.....................I succeeded ofcourse




following day we went on a day trip with Lotta and past this unusual looking church,




so we stopped to see    if anyone was home.




and there was 




we did get invited to stay for "fika"(coffee and cake).....................there was none ? so we left shortly



we continued on to a great bed and breakfast place. Mom was longing for their potato pancake, and that's what she had. 



we ate in the garden and after we went for a long stroll looking at flowers as usual




Last night I had to kitten sit while Mom and Lotta went to a theater in the park. I think it was good because they both came home giggling.





I taught Sarah to be a great kitten wich I think she already was, but a little tweaking from me didn't hurt.



we are now on the road again still driving south following the east coast. Tomorrow we should arrive at the most southern end of Sweden.


see you later 





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