Alla inlägg den 12 juli 2016

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 12 juli 2016 15:28

 I'm not sure what's up with Mom but we sure aren't getting very far every day. She stops a lot, rests a lot, and now Lotta gave her a book that she HAD to finish, which meant she read and I napped. Book is finished but I know there's a second to continue and it's just a matter of time..........oh well, I don't mind napping.

Looks like we go to a lot of churches lately, but don't worry, Mom has not changed her ways, she just happens to think a lot of them are beautiful buildings. Another good thing is that they usually have big parking lots that aren't used, and a perfect place to park overnight for free and every small village seems to have an old church. This one was designated the most beautiful church in Sweden 2000,and is a Neo-Gothic church from 1869.



We slept great there and continued on early in the morning to next town called Hörbo, and here Mom bought a new modem. As things turned out it wasn't being in the country that prevented Mom from having wifi, it was the modem gone bad. There should be no more excuses for not updating my story from now on. Well, see what happens when we get to a different country................if we ever do ?


waiting for the store to open we went for a walk and somehow this machine measured Mom's ???

only a 3, I could have sworn it was at least a 9 ...



these birds are pretty, but staying close to a harbor they have a way to keep you awake buy partying all night.




these guys aren't very quiet either, but at least they don't stay up all night




you know you're in the most southern province of Sweden when all you see is giant farms and rolling hills growing wheat, and Dad, No it's not dead when it's yellow.




Next city we stopped at is Ystad another small town with 18,350 inhabitants.The settlement dates back to the 11th century and the town has become a busy ferry port, local administrative center, and tourist attraction. we parked Lucy at the harbor and went for a long walk.



I noticed Mom getting real nostalgic when she saw this motorcycle, leaking oil just like the old days




there was in the middle of town a well-preserved medieval monasteries




The town was extremely busy since there happen to be a food festival. Mom carried me a lot and wished we had the stroller with us, but the small wheels would have been difficult on these cobbllestone streets.


there was also a craft fair,and here's a guy protecting his Mom



We are now back in Lucy, me resting and Mom says we have to drive a little bit, even though she too feel like resting........

Oh well, it's not very far to the city with ferries to Germany, so we'll see you never know what else Mom comes up with 

I'll keep you all updated, 



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