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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 14 juli 2016 20:56

Another short drive and we arrived in the city where our ferry to Germany is. We got there too late for visiting the office (Mom didn't want to buy tickets before making sure I didn't have to stay in Lucy on the ride over) so we found a great campsite right on the ocean where we stayed the night.

We explored the city and this fountain is one of the prettiest we have seen.



Here's another statue with water that we really liked, sure picture a typical Swedish summer 




we had parked at the wharf, and we watched some kids fishing, catching a herring almost as soon as they put out a line. Mom felt sorry for the little guy so she went out and gave him her small fishing rod, that seemed more suitable for him. He was so excited he was jumping up and down, we didn't stay long enough to see if he caught anything.



In the morning we went for a long walk on the beach and on the boardwalk, here I am waiting for Mom to climb up from her swim




haha, I'm lying, can you see her shadow taking the picture of me ? Mom is NOT about to get in the water unless it's at least 75 degrees, and these waters are not.

It's a little windy today, and maybe we're going on a ferry ?

This ramp is for people in wheelchairs,Great idea something to think about at our beach 


At noon (seems like Mom never is in a hurry in the mornings lately) we went to the ferry office and was told I can go anywhere I want except the cafeteria, so Mom bought us a ticket, and here we are waiting to get checked in. You can see an itty bitty piece of Lucy behind the big truck




Mom got her seasick medicine and off we went




We were directed to get up on the top floor,made Mom a tad nervous because it was a very steep ramp. There was a great view but nobody is allowed to stay in your vehicle, so we found a nice reclining seat for me to nap, and Mom read a book that she almost finished on the 6-hour long ride.

It's amazing how many trucks,cars,RV,sand trains the boat took in




We finally arrived in Rostock Germany at 9pm. The sky looked amazing, but Mom just kept driving hoping the lady in the box on her dash would give correct directions.

We are not on autobahn but traffic is fast, the speed limit is 80 miles,but many drive much faster than that. Mom stays in the right lane because Lucy is most comfortable in speeds around 55miles. Faster than that she wants a lot more fuel and Mom want to look around too. We see a little black dot in the rear view mirror, a second later the dot is a BMW next to us, which in next second disappeared in the distance.

We stopped around midnight to sleep at a rest stop. Mom got up early and woke me too ............not sure why ?



we are now on the outskirts of Berlin. Lucy is not allowed into the center because she has a diesel engine and the Germans have strict emission laws in big cities. No worries, we do plan to bike in tomorrow, it's only about 8 miles. Today we rode around a little bit, so Mom found a place to buy a new sim card for her new modem that works in Germany for a week............no excuses for not updating my blog.

this place is in the flight path of a busy airport, so we're hoping no planes will leave at night ....but that may be wishful thinking 




Ove and Elvy, look what I found !!! this must be a relative to your guy, right ?




the place we are at is not super nice, but the price and location are very good, so it'll be ok. The rest stops here in Germany is worth mentioning, though. Next time Mom goes to the bathroom she'll promise to bring a camera because the self-cleaning toilet seats are amazing, no sprinkle on the seat. It cost 50 cents but with this service it's ok. You can even pay to get a bubble bath or a shower at these stops too. Maybe even a dog bath ? 

ok, tomorrow will be an interesting day with lots of pictures and stories to tell.

 miss you all 



PS. Mom didn't want me to tell, but I think she got her first speeding ticket in this town. The limit was 30 and driving along all of a sudden there was  a huge flash, a camera recorded her speed.............oh well







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