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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 17 juli 2016 04:49

Waking up real early in a small quiet town called Halberstadt and it's raining again. I mean Mom is up I'm not, I think at least another 2 hours before I'll get up.. ....

Thinking about Berlin and what impression we got about the city that we were so longing to visit. The overall impression was depressing, gray and dusty. Of course, the constant drizzling didn't help but I can't picture it any "happier" with sunshine.

Anyway, we continued south a few miles and Mom is extremely impressed by German drivers. The traffic is fast as hell, but it works. EVERYBODY use their blinkers changing lanes and to get on the ramp, it's pedal to the metal and go, rest assured traffic behind you are moving over one lane and they do NOT stay in left lane, they all get back to the right. WOW

The church bell tower just rang 5 am so yes another couple of hours of sleep will be ok




This town is surrounded by churches and yesterday they all rang together but it didn't do much I think, because this town is completely deserted.


We had a difficult time finding the RVparking lot until finally an old man waived and asked if we needed help. Pretty obvious I guess since we passed him for the 4th time. He spoke no English, but Mom seemed to understand anyway.

He gave directions, a small road that Mom thought was for pedestrians only



as soon as we parked we went to explore, and this time by foot. At first, I was hoping for the carriage, but after walking on these streets I understood why not. I bet no ladies in this town wear heels




Here was a lot of interesting buildings, but no people ? although we did hear music from a church 



we also found a restaurant that was open, no guests except us ? Mom ordered a pork chop with mushroom gravy and fried potatoes. It was very tasty she said, but oh my so much butter..........I tasted a little but wasn't too impressed




Smart cars are very popular here, they buzz around like little bees, and here's a model that looked pretty cool


this house would be awesome to celebrate Halloween in 




this jeweler's store name gave Mom the giggles, 



on the way here we made a rest stop and I met a guy that even I had a hard time finding the front of. 

He was a cotton mop something............



German bread looked good but this tasted like cardboard, was loaded with butter and hardly any meat, so no more of that.



this is where we spent the night



whats next ?? who knows .............the weather gods have not been with us, and it does not look good in the next week either. Lots of flooding south of us, so we may have to choose a different direction now.

all is well  


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