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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 18 juli 2016 17:25

We didn't drive more than an hour when we got to this town, and it's too cute not to stop, so here we are. Mom navigated Lucy here and she didn't hit anything............she's getting pretty good.


The name of the town is Alsfelder and was probably founded during the 8-9th century. The earliest records of the settlement are from 1069 and 1076.
The city enjoyed rising prosperity due to its favourable location. Trades and handicrafts flourished and Alsfeldt developed into a wealthy, industrious community.Evidence of this is the church, monastery, towers, town hall and water supply system.


In the 16th century, the citizens creativity brought about a "golden age"in architecture and design, resulting in the erection of the town hall, and it sure is well preserved.



This little girl insisted on reading me the menu from the ice cream shop, but I didn't understand. She's cute and she was nice too.



Love the windows and the flower boxes, and the art painted on the walls.



whereas the geographical position of Alsfeld had been to its advantage it also led to its demise. The city was centered on important trade routes and the following 30 years War 1618-1648 resulted in plunder 1622 starvation 1626 plague 1635 occupation and destruction of 226 residential homes. By 1648 only 1100 people were still living in the city, mainly woman and children.

In 1832 Alsfeld experienced a renewed rise as the district capital.
Thankfully the historical town centre was preserved,and for the past 100 years a conscious cultural conservation has been nurtured to preserve the buildings and that's lucky for us so we get to experience this quaint gorgeous town.

This pigeon looks like she's laying an egg in the middle of the town square, but I'm sure it'll be a fried one in this heat.s heat


Normally Mom doesn't drink beer alone but this town and the atmosphere just called for it. Good thing she only had one since i think those are the strong ones.



This dress sure stands out in the crowd................Mom LOVED it, looks real tasty



Tomorrow we're getting up real early Mom says,(like we aren't every morning?) because we need to get to this place while it'still room for Lucy, in other words, we're heading to a very popular tourist place.






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