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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 4 augusti 2016 19:56

Now we're back in Sweden and we ended up taking another short ferry ride (about 20 min.)from Denmark to Sweden, and this time it was Mom that was scared when she saw these waves she was thinking about getting seasick but it turned out ok. We both stayed in the car and it was all over in no time


On the Swedish side we turned North because Mom wanted to visit a place she's read a lot about and of course it started to rain again and there by the road was 2 hitch hikers. That immediately caught Moms eye because it's not very common any more and Mom used to do that all the time when she was a puppy. She stopped and picked them up, it was 2 young girls from Germany who wanted to go to the same place as us. They had plans to pitch a tent in the park which Mom couldn't let them do in this awful rain, so they stayed with us.



They took over the kitchen and cooked a great meal, Mom just sat back and allowed herself to be served. Since they were vegetarians there was nothing for me.........oh well.


There's a story about the persistent myth about Swedish sin a rumor that started in Mölle in the beginning of 20 th century
In the fifties, the image of sexually liberated Swedes began to spread in the USA. It laid the foundation for a lingering myth about Swedish sin. 

Around the 1890s, the idyllic fishing location where we are now got a new attraction that would make the village famous far beyond Sweden's borders. Common baths, where men and women could bathe together, was something completely new at that time.

As we're walking around in this extremely windy place, the last thing on anybody's mind is going for a swim


Girls slept over and they were pretty pleased to stay inside Lucy instead of their tent since it really poured hard.



In the morning the girls had planned a long hike around the entire place, but that would have been way to tough for Moms old body. 

She did go with the girls to this art called Nimis. Meanwhile I took a nap in Lucy because Mom said it wouldn't have been safe for me, and looking at the pictures I tend to agree.


The path to get there was treacherous and long, glad Mom made it back safe.


When we arrived at the artwork, the girls carved our initials there.


This was the entrance so you actually walked or climbed inside the art 


The artist name is Lars Vilks (born 20 June 1946) is a Swedish artist, Doctor of Philosophy, and activist who garnered fame for his drawings of Muhammad, which resulted in at least two failed attempts by Islamic extremists to murder him. He is also known for his sculptures, Nimis and Arx, made entirely of drift wood, and the small area where the sculptures are located which was proclaimed by Vilks as an independent country, "Ladonia".


Vilks has characterized his own skill in the actual crafts involved in sculpture as quite limited, and although his artistic ideas can be seen as characteristic for his generation of Swedish conceptual artists.

Mom didn't climb up in any of the towers but the girls did.


In 2007 Vilks caused an international controversy when he depicted Muhammad as a roundabout dog in three drawings, designated to be shown at an art exhibition in July of the same year. Shortly before its opening the organizers cancelled their invitation with reference to serious security concerns, and despite Vilks' effort no other Swedish art gallery offered to exhibit his drawings.

This artist is now in hiding after he received several death threats and his house in southern Sweden was attackedby arsonists


After a long difficult (for Mom) climb back up, the girls went on their hike and Mom and me went back to the campsite for a long shower and to relax. 

Mom says she's not sure she'll be able to walk tomorrow, but it was all worth it she says. So much fun having the girls with us. A lot of laughs and and Mom loves being around young people that have the guts to be different, reminds her of her puppy years she says.

Weather was pretty good all day, but now in the evening it's starting to rain again.

Tomorrow girls are going back to Germany and we are going ???? who knows, guess Mom will try looking at the map to see where the sun is again. 

All is good 







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5 augusti 2016 00:29

Häftigt att få vara med på din resa. Det är stundtals som rena historieböckerna. Tack för att du delat med dig <3
Du kan ju alltid styra Lucy mot Malung :)
Kram på er!

EvaLena Hallgren

5 augusti 2016 08:17

och jag blir så himla glad då någon kommenterar för då ser jag ju att någon är med på vår resa. Jo nog kan det hända att jag dyker upp i Malung en stund.



18 april 2017 15:23

I would like to get there somehow. Those places should be really peaceful. I hope that I'll get a chance to take this trip.


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