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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 7 augusti 2016 06:16

Waking up at Mom's favorite place, at least I think so since this is the third time we're here. It's a marina on the most southern tip of Swedens second biggest island called Öland. This time, it was very crowded here so we didn't get our favorite spot but we'll keep a lookout for when someone leaves.


It's so amazing going to sleep listening to the creaks of the ropes holding the sailboat and the waves crashing, seagulls laughing and diving. It's like being on a boat without getting seasick...........Mom loves it.......

Friday we parted ways with the girls and that was so sad. We really enjoyed their company and they bought Mom a cup from the area so she'll always remember them. No chance she'll forget anyway because thinking back on our trip and all the beautiful places we have seen and people we met these two girls were definitely the highlight.



They kept impressing Mom with all the stuff they were carrying in their backpacks which were so heavy she could hardly pick them up. Who has ever heard of a backpacker who brought fresh ginger with them ? and they were prepared for a cozy candlelit dinner in their tent. No matter what hurdle was thrown at them they kept a positive attitude and smiled. 


We dropped them off at the ferry in Helsingborg since they were going to Copenhagen to visit friends. 

 But before we parted ways we had a last "fika" together.



The ferry ride to Denmark is only 20 min. and this is a picture of a Danish castle Mom zoomed in with her camera



Bye Bye girls, I hope we'll meet somewhere in the world sometimes again




walking back to Lucy all of a sudden I became the tourist attraction again. People wanted to take a picture with me...........maybe I should ask for money and that way I could contribute to our travel cash 



Here's a boat that has an eye on you ;-)


we continued North since Mom says it's almost time to put Lucy away for the winter and fly back to the USA.

This time, we're following the east coast heading towards the island but it's too far to make it in one day, so we parked at a rest stop for the night. There was no money left in the modem to get on the internet, so we had plenty of time to reflect on our trip and it has been really good, even the rainy days and getting lost on a bike in Berlin was ok too. ........see Mom is trying to adopt the girl's positive attitude no matter what...........and that's of course always easier after the fact. The sky was gorgeous and we had a good night sleep.


In the morning we continued and when we came to the city before the bridge to the island Mom was looking for a place to get help with the modem which she really had messed up now.  We also have been looking for a place big enough to fit Lucy to get a bath, which we finally did. She's a little too tall for regular car washes and we need that power wash stuff to get all the dead bugs off.

In the city, there was an American car meeting but we have seen plenty of that before so we didn't stick around very long.As soon as the modem problem was solved. (Mom had put money on the wrong sim card, not sure why we had two?) we kept on driving to our planned destination



these dice that are so popular with these cars are getting very fuzzy



Here's  a Gold Wing showing off with so much extra equipment and details you just had to be impressed.



So here we are at the Grönhögen marina, and I think we'll be here for a few days, and that's just fine with me. Somebody had a lot of fun building with the rocks, and Mom painted a few.



Coast guard came by and Mom said it was because I had stolen treats while she was out. 

Yes, I did. couldn't help myself since she had bought those dried chicken things. While she was out there chatting away with some neighbors, I managed to get the door opened and had just about finished the entire bag before she came back, and now she's worried about me getting a belly ache ..........haha me?

Coast guard left without even giving me a warning, so I think she fibbed.


Maybe they should have looked into what SHE was doing instead ?



We're having a nice relaxing time, no more adventures are going to happen as far as I know.

Sending you all my best wishes 








28 mars 2017 11:50

I was very impressed with your photos with different models of retro cars. These are very beautiful and rare cars.


EvaLena Hallgren

28 mars 2017 11:53

Thank you very much

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steps to write an assignment Pen Essays assignment

18 april 2017 15:21

It looks fun and exciting. I would like to have a trip like this too. Thank you for sharing your information!


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