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SATURDAY 5/27/17

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 27 maj 2017 23:43

Finally arrived at our destination and all is well. The flight is long and not very comfortable but as usual, I was on my very best behavior despite hours in my little bag. Oh and by the way, I got a brand new bag again, this is my 4th obviously they aren’t very well made. This time I got a very fancy bag that Mom ordered from Amazon and it arrived in pieces so we had to ask Bodies Mom and Dad across the street to help putting it together. Mom says when this bag brakes there will be no more traveling? ………..Ha, I don’t believe her, she’s like a Gypsy and she drags me along, not that I mind a little adventure.


Here at the farm, I’m allowed to roam free which is news to me? In the past, I wasn’t because Mom was afraid I would go and visit with those curly haired dogs next door (sheep) turns out they aren’t here anymore. Only time Mom get nervous is when I get near the outhouse (where I think there’s a fine aroma) she starts hollering. I try to ignore her, but she’s persistent so that’s a no-go zone for me. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying to go there.  


A week has now gone by and we haven’t driven anywhere with Lucy yet. The first problem was that mice had moved in for the winter, so everything had to be scrubbed clean. Secondly, the battery for the inside part was dead, and no charge would hold. After a new battery was installed that worked OK.

The third was the water pump that makes noise but does not pump water to the kitchen or bathroom sink. A fourth was the toilet that leaked, which is now fixed. We got lots of help from Ove and Helge which we are very grateful for.  

Elvy is an amazing cook, so Mom is already working on her weight gain, but since she refused my help of eating some from her plate I consider it her own fault so I don’t want to hear any complaints later on.

I’m pretty sure all that wine and beer she’s been indulging in are ending up on the hips too.. 


Everything seems to work OK now, except there’s nowhere in this village to buy a new pump, and Thursday was a holiday with most stores closed. I’m not complaining because I think it’s pretty cool around here, but Mom has gotten very cranky after all these difficulties, and for a moment I heard her talking about getting rid of Lucy and renting a cabin in the woods………

Didn’t worry me much because I know she’ll have cabin fever in less than a week and we’ll be on the road again. Later in the evenings, she seems to get in a much better mood after bringing out this box so I'm trying to figure out what's in it? but apparently, she had no intentions to share it with me?


I met a girl named Mitzy and she wanted to play, but since I’m a distinguished old man, I declined the invitation.



Mom feels lost at the supermarket, nothing looks like it does in Publix and here they’re keeping a reindeer in the middle of the store………….but they don’t let dogs in? Go figure?


the only thing I know that comes in a tube in the USA is toothpaste. Here is a whole rack of squeezable cheeses in different flavors.

Mom gave out a chuckle at these tiny melons, not even close to the ones we have in the US. They looked like the size of tennis balls Mom said.





As the snow melts on the mountains the river get filled up and the rapids bigger than usual and not suitable for a swim.





this is the view at Moms friends place from where we stayed for a week, not too shabby


we are now spending the night at a campsite close to a place where we can get a new water pump and have it installed first thing Monday morning.Meanwhile, we just sit around and relax. Amazingly gorgeous weather so far, sure hope it keeps up.



Sweden is 950miles long and the temperature differs a lot. We aren't all the way south, but lilacs are beginning to bloom and everything is green and beautiful, still nowhere close to where Mom would go for a swim.


Since it’s really cold and snow up North Mom decided we have to drive south and I agree with her. Our first stop as soon as Lucy are fixed, has to be Selma and Morris house. I’m looking forward to meeting them again, and it’ll be interesting to see if Selma remembers me. she was just a little baby last year and very nervous around me in the beginning, but with my charm, I won her over in a few days. Morre is another story, he tolerates me nowadays but first time we met he climbed up a window and hid under the valance………..hahaha a sight I never forget.  

time for bed, Good Night all


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28 maj 2017 01:55

Glad you made your trip safely.....I will enjoy your travels. Take care and be safe.

EvaLena Hallgren

28 maj 2017 12:09

Thanks, hopefully, everything will be fixed tomorrow so we can continue on our trip.Also noticed the brakes are squealing so I suppose they are "on" since it stops while breaking.

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Lena White-Nyström

28 maj 2017 09:03

Glad you arrived safely in Sweden. What a shame about all the problems with Lucy glad most of it is sorted now.
Lovely pictures and looks like you are enjoying yourselfs.
Take care and have fun 🐶🐶☀️😎

EvaLena Hallgren

28 maj 2017 12:05

Thanks,things are looking up and tomorrow will hopefully be the last repair and we'll be back on the road

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Morre och Selma

28 maj 2017 11:56

Ve are going to be nice, we promise! We have summer here so you will feel as at home! There's something on a cupboard that our mum has hidden, don't tell mummy!

EvaLena Hallgren

28 maj 2017 12:03

ooohh, I'm good at keeping secrets you can tell me anything I will never squeal paw promise

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1 juni 2017 21:40

I am glad to see that the two of you arrived safe. Have a great summer and be careful. I miss you both.


EvaLena Hallgren

13 juni 2017 19:01

I'm fine Thank You this time Mom remembered to buy extra food before we left Sweden so I don't run out of the good stuff. No way I'm eating that supermarket crapp.....

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