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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 7 juni 2017 07:41

Finally, a gorgeous warm lazy day in the sun and Mom managed to stay still and read a book for awhile. 
Doing nothing is not something Mom is very good at so as she’s getting more and more restless she decided to clean out and organize Lotta’s tool shed. Lotta got a little nervous about Mom tossing too much stuff in the garbage, so she quickly came out to help. I was left to do whatever I felt like, so after exploring the garden I went inside for a long refreshing nap.
   looks pretty good now................  
When they were done they loaded Lotta’s little car with a lot of rubbish and drove to the dump. At the dump was several containers where everything had to be separated for recycling. Mom is quite impressed at the efficiency.
When this was done we went to a friends house where I scared a cat to climb up a tree and he refused to come down as long as I was there I don’t understand? All I wanted was to say hello……….
Driving home a large brown hare hopped around on the field chasing birds. He must have been playing because Hares don’t eat meat. Hares are herbivorous and feed mainly on grasses and herbs.

Yesterday was June 6th Swedens national day, and Mom and Lotta went into the city to join in the celebrations.I stayed home and napped with Selma and Morre.

The Swedes are pretty humble and do not celebrate like Americans do on 4th which I’m very happy about since fireworks scare me horribly. I do miss the BBQ tough


The tradition of celebrating this date began 1916 at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium, in honor of the election of King Gustav Wasa in 1523, as this was considered the foundation of modern Sweden

Some question the validity of this as a national holiday, as it was not observed as a holiday until decades later. However this event does signify the end of the Danish-ruled Kalmar Union, so in a sense, it is a marking of Swedish independence, though the event occurred so long ago that it does not have as strong of a presence in the social consciousness as does, for example, Norway(17 May).

In 2005 it became an official Swedish public holiday replacing Whit Monday. This change led to fewer days off from work (more working days) as 6 June will periodically fall on the weekend, unlike Whit Monday, which was always celebrated on a Monday. This, in turn, led to complaints from some Swedish unions.

Here's a man in a traditional costume with his dog



the band played the national anthem

  Some people sang the words very softly


This is a literal translation of the song

Thou ancient, Thou free, Thou mountainous north
Thou quiet, Thou joyful beautiful!
I greet thee, loveliest land upon earth,
/:Thy sun, Thy sky, Thy climes green.:/
Thou thronest on memories of great olden days,
When honoured Thy name flew across the earth,
I know that Thou art and wilt remain what thou werest,
/:Yes, I want to live, I want to die in the North.:/
After the celebration, they went for sight seeing around town and of course a "fika" (coffee and cake)
after a couple of nice sunny days, I'm disappointed to let you know it's raining again, so it'll be another lazy day doing nothing.

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