Alla inlägg den 10 juni 2017

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 10 juni 2017 09:46

Mom is getting quite antsy and ready to get on the road and while we were waiting for the mailman to deliver the plastic card, we went for a walk. I said hello to the meatball factories and they were very nice. Unfortunately, Mom didn’t let go of my leash so I couldn’t get in and find some to eat.


She picked wildflowers and made arrangments like she used to do as a puppy.


The mailman delivered the card, but the code will arrive in a different mail later. That’s no problem Lotta can give us that later so we made Lucy ready to continue our trip.

After leaving Lotta's house we have been driving south hoping to find the sun and warmer weather, and yes we saw it for a few hours while on the road. We stayed one night by a lake because Mom said she was getting sleepy, but I think she really wanted to dive into those pancakes Lotta made for our trip.She ate them cold with a little sugar? Best pancakes in the world according to her, I’m not too crazy about them so no point in begging.

Second night we’re at the ocean not far from the ferry terminal and parked by a Viking museum, and now it was sunny and warm………..woohoo finally.

We met a really strange guy that made me very suspicious he said he was from Texas? He spoke a heavy southern Swedish so Mom thinks he was fibbing a tad………..a Viking from Texas without a cowboy hat huh? but he turned out to be an OK guy.


Mom never bothered to go inside and look at the Viking village, she says it's old news seen it before, and this place didn't appear to be kept very well.


pretty sure these artifacts are made in recent years to look like the real thing, but who cares, it's stuff that's made for tourists anyway


Mom got a call from Lotta with the new code, so now we’re ready for the adventure Mom says and she immediately looked up a ticket for the ferry. Prices varied a lot and she found a ticket for half price on Sunday at 11 am. Which means we’ll spend another day in Sweden

It’s sunny so we’ll walk around and explore the city tomorrow Mom said,

but later in the evening, all hell broke loose and Mom was very happy we weren’t on the ferry.


The neighbor had rolled out their canopy and now everybody ran to hold it down so it didn’t blow off.


Lucy was rocking from the wind but we were warm and cozy inside.

Lotta is not cooking for Mom anymore but she sent some of her delicious nettle pesto so in a way she’s still with us. Too bad she only thought of Mom, I know she loves me too but she can be forgetful at times.


As usual, Mom is up before the rooster and looking out at the water it looks like the wind died down, but the sun is still hiding behind the clouds.


We’ll be moving Lucy closer to the ferry today and Mom HAS to find a dog shop to make sure I have enough of the good food for me ( and extra treats) She also needs to get som seasick pills for herself, just in case.  ;-) ;-) :-)

All is well, next update will be from Germany I hope.

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