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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 12 juni 2017 06:46

We are now somewhere in Germany, not sure Mom knows where either?  We spent the last night in Sweden on a parking space for RVs, and Lucy was by far the smallest and without a TV antenna. Who needs TV Mom says and I tend to agree with her. We went for a walk and then cozied up with a book, Mom reading me napping listening to the rainstorm that came rolling in. Seems to be a repeat occurrence every night.


My favorite statue in this town called Trelleborg.


Here we are waiting in line to get on the ferry at 11 am 


The ferry will arrive in Rostock Germany at 5.30 and as usual, Mom was worried about getting seasick so she had bought some silly wristbands at the drugstore that supposedly do some kind of hocus pocus to prevent seasickness.

The sea was calm so we could sit outside in the sun. This ship had a small sandbox for me if I needed it. I sniffed around a little and decided I didn't need it.


arriving at the port there was a lot of cruise ships 


and a little tourist sightseeing boat that didn't have many passengers


I'm ready to get off the ship now


big cranes and dry docks to fix big ships and maybe also build new ones.


We got on the road and headed south until we found a suitable place for the night.

Germans are awesome drivers (fast)but total pigs at the rest stops. Mom doesn't want to walk around the bushes with me with me because of all the interesting scents I find underneath the bunched up toilet papers.

There's no need for this Mom says, every rest stop has beautiful bathrooms with an attendant that keeps it clean after each person. As a matter of fact, we spent the night at an AutoHOf, which is a stop where mostly truck drivers sleep. I can guarantee we were the smallest vehicle on this lot ;-)

Included was a great breakfast (for people) where Mom is sitting and writing this on their free wifi.............

We'll soon continue to Leipzig, hoping the girls we met last year will be home.


Oh, by the way, it rained last night too so I'm getting used to being lulled to sleep by the rattling  on the roof.

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