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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 13 juni 2017 20:46

After a great night of sleep, we continue driving south. After a few miles, we met 10-20 or even more police cars driving north?Must be some kind of convention? soon we hear sirens behind us and here comes more police going south? really, what is going on? What was impressive was to see how fast all cars separated and gave way in the middle of 2 lanes.

We didn't see any accidents so what is happening? Mom pulled over at a rest stop, and there they all were checking all big trucks. Mom says she thinks she knows why.................I don't, but if it's bad I don't want to know anyway


Most rest stops in Germany is very nice, but this one was really awful.As a matter of fact, graffiti seems to be very popular here, which is a shame.Apparently, people don't bother reading this sign which says please keep free of schmutz



This is really really gross, I'm going to ask Mom to write to Angela Merkel about outlawing these awful habit people are having, but then Mom said I better make sure she isn't a smoker too.


This sign we agree with, but I'm wondering if the Germans don't have their own curse words?


So we made it to the RVpark in Leipzig that was included in a camper book. Alice (the lady that talks to Mom from that box in the window while she's driving) got us there without any difficulties. The attendant had a siesta? who knew that habit found its way this far North? We parked and went bike riding into the city. I guess the "rain curse" the bike had had last year finally has released because we had gorgeous weather the entire day. 

I was hoping to meet with the girls who hitchhiked with us last year, but they were both studying for their exams, and that's a very important thing for their entire future says, Mom.I know she was disappointed too but understood and was impressed by the girl's dedication to doing well.

Leipzig is Germanys 10th most populous city and has been a trade city since at least the time of the Holy Roman Empire.The city sits at the intersection of two important medieval trade routes. Leipzig was once one of the major European centers of learning and culture in fields such as music and publishing and became a major urban center within the East Germany after the Second World War, but its cultural and economic importance declined.


Leipzig later played a significant role in instigating the fall of communism, through events which took place in and around St, Nicholas Church...................................

According to Mom, this is the scariest city ever she's been biking in. In the brochure from the RVplace, it said there was a bike path the entire way. If it was, Mom didn't find them. The pace is at top speed and worst of all they have cable car tracks everywhere and if your bike wheel get caught ................and well, that's a problem

Germans must really love graffiti because not even this beautiful fountain was left alone from the graffiti a$$holes.The message "Ich liebe dich'" (I love you)would have been much better received on a different forum.


St.Thomas Church is  Lutheran and it's most famous as the place where Johann Sebastian Basch worked as a music director from 1723 until his death in 1750 and this is the location of his remains,


This building was very impressive, but standing there looking in a different direction, this is what we saw.................What's wrong with people?Where is their pride? I and my four legged buddies would never do that......but Mom reminded me of what WE do if human lets us. Well, I don't, I was told not to pee on buildings as a puppy.................so there.


The Town Hall (Rathouse in German) guess they too think there are a few rats in their government.It was a very nice town square, and there was men building a stage most likely preparing for the yearly Bach consert.



Very talented young musicians performed in the street, we took a break and listen to them for a long time. 


Mom tried to upload a video so you could hear for yourself, but it took too long so she gave up. We'll see if WIFIn is any faster tomorrow.

Biking back to Lucy I think we were lost again? Mom denied it and said she was just checking out a few more streets...........Oh so why have we passed this house twice already? May there's two look-alikes she said..........HA , she's not fooling me for a second.



We finally arrived back to Lucy and discovered that none of the services offered existed on this spot, To top it off, so was the owner really rude so Mom just packed up our stuff and left. We headed to next town called Delft but stopped at a beautiful campsite that Alice found for us. It happened to be located next to the Castle Colditz, and I was allowed to come along but chose not to, which is a good thing It was too far. Mom loved the stories about this castle and she gets to tell you all about it tomorrow.

Good Night all





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