Alla inlägg den 14 juni 2018

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 14 juni 2018 21:45

At the moment we’re in a town called Wroclaw and if we had taken the high way we would have been here in 3 hours tops, but as usual Mom’s doing her thing and off into the boondocks we went. Who knew it was so difficult to get around in Poland. The roads are full of patches on patches and patches. Good thing there’s no breakables in Lucy, but she may be in need of new shocks after this trip.

To get out of Poznan Mom programmed Linnea and off went. It started ok we got out of the city and onto a highway which we were supposed to be on. Linnea says “get off next exit and stay to the left” nope to the left there’s a round sign red edge and middle white, and that means NO GO! Oh, she must be mistaken she didn’t say that. It didn’t take long and Linnea made Mom turn Lucy again and again. After driving a figure eight twice, Mom thought maybe that sign doesn’t mean the same in Poland?

And she turned left!!! it was a nice wide smooth road no markings and no traffic. Mom started to get suspicious after a while because we were alone. Maybe this isn’t right she wonders? Oh what tipped you off birdbrain? The fact this place is as wide as a Boeing 757 or the fact there’s no one here or those huge green trucks and machines that are parked at the end and we are ALONE.

Mom made a quick U-ie turned off Linnea and again drove on a hunch. As long as Lucy is pointing south we’ll be ok she said.

We drove through a lot of farmland and gorgeous forests. In almost every village ladies was sitting by the road selling their vegetables, berries and homemade stuff. Mom stopped and bought cherries and honey

 from this lady that hugged me and kissed me and loved me so much, I think Mom was getting worried she wasn’t getting me back,




When she went food shopping today she learned a new phrase in Polish. UWAGA SLISKY………...and it translates “watch out, floor is slippery as fuck” LuckyMom made her quickstep shuffle and got her balance back…..could have gone bad. I don’t think they are very used to tourists around here since no signs are translated.


I think someone wrote the name of this flower in Latin on the wall, how thoughtful


In one village we passed through I noticed the roof of the church had a checker pattern, maybe so God shouldn’t get too bored during all the ceremonies? Who would he play with though?



We spotted this gorgeous Stork nest and had to pull over and walk back,(she left me in Lucy) to get a better look and noticed it was Momstork with 2 babies……….cool


The houses in the country are mostly grey cement and often a lot of patches on them, but the Polish people are excellent gardeners flowers everywhere.


Here’s another pope statue and he’s been shitted on, NO respect!


Tonight's supper was pirogies filled with cabbage and mushrooms, they were delicious with lingonberries but I have a feeling that’s not how the Polish people eat them.




Now Linnea is going to get her update, it is supposed to take three hours so now we’ll see if the solar panel can deliver. If Linnea still screwes up ………..remember what happened to Alice? YES that's a threat.  



goodnight all




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