Alla inlägg den 21 juni 2018

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 21 juni 2018 09:52

Driving south towards Vienna in scorching hot weather Mom got sleepy very quickly so when she spotted a camp she quickly pulled in and parked. It wasn't many miles left and she still hasn't figured out how to drive avoiding the zones Lucy weren't allowed because of her dirty diesel fumes. 


On the highways, there are many overpasses especially built for the wildlife to pass safely, which we think is great.


Finally, Mom realized there was no way for Lucy to drive in Vienna, so she decided to skip it all together which is a shame, but a rule is a rule. We continued to Budapest instead.


Since all these countries belong to EU there's no passport control so most of the time it's only a sign to let you know you're in a new country. Leaving Austria and entering Hungary felt a little different because the old buildings and bunkers were still there and in a disintegrating shape. It looked so spooky Mom expected police hiding and will come out at any minute, so she didn't dare take pictures. Of course, that was all in her mind. Maybe this was leftovers from the communist era.

we are in Hungary now, and the first sign we have seen that was also in English..................


it is hot and humid 32C 90F, and the traffic stopped several times because of roadwork. When we finally got to the campsite in Budapest Mom went directly to the restaurant for a cold beer....................again? Not sure what's going on with Mom she never ever drink like this at home......................she says it's because beer is so so so much better here and tastes great in this heat. 


now we have new money again and 10 000 forint is about $35.................we did find out we could have used Euros also.


after a well-deserved shower for mom and a quiet nap for me, we went back to the restaurant to eat and was served a three-course meal. Started with a delicious goulash and main meal were chicken skewers and dessert a chocolate bomb that tasted great.

A band that played gypsy music was the entertainment. I hid under the table when they came too close. It was not my cup of tea. We met a nice Brittish couple that Mom chatted with and shared travel stories.


Today we may go into the city but it's really hot and humid, so maybe we'll stay here in the shade under a big tree and the cooling fan on high because tomorrow they promised will be cooler. Mom says it's also time to do laundry.................

Update \.we lost power because some lady just hit the electric pole, hope they'll fix that quickly.

all is well.

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