Alla inlägg den 1 juli 2018

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 1 juli 2018 20:22

So Mom decided it was time to say bye to our great friends next door and head to Warsaw which is about a 3,5-hour drive from here. 

You think we got there? nope we didn't

Driving along all of a sudden the sky opened up and we were in a middle of a hailstorm? Does the weather know this is July first? Mom was lucky to find a spot to pull over and luckily it didn't last long, sun shining again we went on. 

I needed a pee break and Mom a cup of tea so we pulled into a truck stop for a snack and looking up on the sky it looked like we were heading into crap weather again?

Now we had the sun behind us and the black clouds in front................so we took a nap 


when we awoke it had stopped and looked like it was going to be sunny again. This is like Florida, but much cooler.


Continuing on we drove through a little bigger town and Mom spotted a store name she's seen before and thought it looked like it could be a camping shop...........(oh shoot here we go again) The name of the shop is Decathlon and this place had an easy entrance and large parking lot (which believe me, is very unusual here) We could use more chemicals for the toilet so Mom pulled in, and it turned out to be a sporting goods store. oh well ..........

They did sell bikes so Mom checked the prizes and decided this was a great deal on a bright red bike (so no one will back into it again) This young man, named Mark who spoke good English, helped and gave an amazing service moved my baskets from the old bike and walked out and helped to put it on Lucy making sure everything was secure.


the old bike that was broken and that Mom never really liked anyway was now given to someone who can fix it and needs it.

It's still almost 3 hours left to drive to Warsaw (we obviously didn't drive the closets road) Mom is not so found of the highways because there's nothing to see she says...ok so now we are in Suchedniow on Ogodova road not so far from hotel Swietokrzyski that's located on Slowackiego street.................poor Linnea who speaks Swedish trying to pronounce all these addresses. Sure we could trade Linnea into a Polish girl, but then Mom wouldn't understand when the Polish lady tells her to turn......................we'll keep Linnea, just found out that's Mom's middle name too

Service is excellent here and it's very nice and quiet. 

Here is little cafe that is run by a lady that used to live in Sarasota FLorida, this IS a small world. They have delicious Paninis.

On my walk, I met this funny looking animal and at first, I wasn't sure what it was and when I tried to get closer to investigate it took off like the tail was on fire..........poor kitty, hope he has a good home


there were ducks in the lake and I told them to come along Mom has bread to give, and they followed, but Mom didn't get the bread?  it's too cold outside she said...


I bet we'll be in bed sleeping early................... it's nice to do nothing 

tomorrow we'll have better weather for sure...............



good night

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