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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 9 juli 2018 18:03

This kitty had found a home behind Lucy and I was planning to share my breakfast with her, but she ran as soon as mOm opened the door.............WHo am I kidding I do NOT share food unless Mom makes me.


So we said goodbye to Riga and heading north we soon reached the next border and this is the remnants from the old custom and passport control at the border.


Just like I predicted we didn't make it to Tallinn Mom saw an article that went like this..................................Pärnu is a resort city in southwestern Estonia, overlooking Pärnu Bay. The city is bisected by the Pärnu River, which has paths on both banks, both of which end in stone jetties in the bay. The city is known for its 19th-century timber villas and for sandy Pärnu Beach, with its shallow waters and promenade. Behind the beach, Pärnu Beach Park has fountains, trails, and neoclassical spa buildings..............................and it's on our way .......... let's stop in and check it out and we did



we parked Lucy and we went bike riding all around this little village. Nice with a small town feel to wind down, and I think we pretty much covered every single bike path there was.

How about this cool idea for a bike parking?



this is a great looking surface of this house Mom thought would make a perfect backdrop in a fashion photo....... It's falling apart I say.....


We met a little Yorkie which I took one whiff of and than turned my back to mark my uninterest. Mom, on the other hand, was being cutsie cutsie with her..............and her dad seemed to think she was the most amazing thing in the world...............like I am to Mom


just like the article said there were many cool wooden houses.


and doors


Coolest looking lady in town,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, without a doubt


we spent some time in the park that was very clean and quiet...................nice to do nothing but sit around and listen to the birds chirping and leaves razzling in the wind 


riding home along the river Mom cracked up at this graffiti. I know it's wrong to do it, but sometimes they're so good

you just have to give credit to the artist.   


this is a real pro on murals


Following morning, as usual, no rush to get going but by 10 am we were on the road to Tallinn 13 mil (80miles) north.

We got to the ferry terminal and bought tickets. Best price is early tomorrow morning so we'll wait. 

I also had to get a stamp in my passport that I was dewormed ??? I beg your pardon? I do not have worms.............Mom says she knows that but we still need a veterinarian to sign the passport.

We got a buggy ride to the vet and Daniel pedaled through the city streets like he has done that all his life.....zigzagged sometimes on the sidewalk and sometimes in the streets, beating the cablecars ......it was a great ride.


after the vet. he took us around the town to show the pretty parks and statues and churches and..............well you know the usual stuff.

I think the lady in pink is stalking us ?


this is the parliament building


the library


another tourist ride,not as cool as ours though


cobblestone streets are eally popular here, and yes they are cool looking, but a pain in the a$$ to ride on


here is a very interesting tree, the trunk looks like a person and the leaves wings


Daniel pedaled us back to Lucy and Mom chatted with him about his future (Mom is very nosy) he was a studying business and dreamed about starting his own company someday. They also compared notes about world news and solved many problems while at it...............haha

now we're ready to call it a night to make sure we're up ready for the ferry early 


all is good

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