Alla inlägg den 18 juli 2018

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 18 juli 2018 06:12

Sorry, there has been no updates for a few days, but we truly found a paradise where for me it means complete freedom to come and go as I please. First thing this morning I ran down to the dock at full speed, and then up the hill (which is really steep)as fast as I could. Mom is watching me with her mouth open, surprised that I had this much energy at my age?

Talk about old age, SHE is huffing and puffing as she's dragging herself up the hill, and are blaming it on the heat.

Swedes have always talked a lot about the weather and usually complain about it. They say it's too cold, it's raining too much, it's too much snow and so on. Very rarely do you hear them say" it's too sunny" it's too hot", except now

This summer has been unusually hot and no rain so the leaves on the trees are turning yellow and no green grass.

Temperatures have been around 95 for a long time now.............so Mom finally went swimming, and so did I 


We are parked at a friends summer house and her "kids" and friends are also visiting so there's BBQing and a lot laughter and fun.


The early mornings are gorgeous


Mom bought herself a fishing rod in Poland and as she heard fish are most active in the mornings she tried her luck but managed to get the lure stuck on her robe. I think she needs a lot more practice. 

The water is crystal clear 


we are having very lazy days and it is awesome doing nothing in great company. We can't get enough of the amazing views as the sun rises. I have no clue when Mom decides to move on? as far as I'm concerned I think we should stay until we get thrown out........


Only annoyance are that we are out of propane and have to wait until we get to Sweden since the connection is different here. Another thing that I don't like is the seagulls. I can hear them here but they aren't coming as close to me as they did at the other place we stayed,

This is what I think about the screeching loud mouths.........



It's 7 am and I had a nice morning jog, and are now snoring away under the table. .............all is better than best

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