Alla inlägg den 25 juli 2018

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 25 juli 2018 07:22

So now we're back almost where we started, and it seems like as soon as we get to Lotta's house Mom becomes lazy and refuse to help me with my blog. I'm wondering who's influencing her?

Maybe it has something to do with the fat book she borrowed from Lotta that has completely occupied her time since we got here. Now I heard it's the first book of several where the story starts in 1900 and ends in modern time. Guess we aren't going anywhere for a while.

I don't mind much but the sad part is that I don't get to meet the chickens or the cats. Selma has three babies and she attacked me as soon as I got into the house. Mom saved me and suffered a few scratches from Selma.

I can't really blame her since she's protecting her babies, but I thought she'll know I don't hurt anyone ever.......


Aland island was awesome, one day our friends put out nets early in the morning and we were lucky to come along when bringing them up..................wow so many gigantic perch fishes


Eric is roving like a pro as Henke is pulling up the net.


These islands are a magical place Mom says we'll have to come back here again. It is so dry so the leaves have turned yellow which makes it look like fall


On the way out I got to rest on the life vests in the fish bucket..............


on the way back, it got a little windy and the bucket was full so I had to sit in Moms lap which isn't all that bad either


Back at the house, the fish has to be detangled from the nets and cleaned. I was told they tasted amazing but I wasn't interested I knew there was better stuff in the fridge


and with my charm and persistence, I managed to get what I asked for................sausage 


Once again we're back on the ferry to cross the Baltic sea to Sweden............we were the first on and MOm worried they'll open the front wall before we are completely at shore....................silly her.. here's a picture of Linnea


Here we are driving off the ramp back into Sweden.No custom no passport ....................


For a minute Mom was contemplating stopping in Stockholm for a day or two, but I reminded her about "no more big cities" so we continued south on the coastline.

Many of these smaller roads have short ferry rides that are free because they are part of the road system and are usually very short. We thought it'll be cheaper to build a bridge, but that would have to be one of those that you can open since there's so much boat traffic here.


here we're waiting for some boats to pass on Gota Channel which is constructed in the early 19th century. It formed the backbone of a waterway stretching some 614 km (382 mi), linking a number of lakes and rivers to provide a route from Gothenburg on the west coast to Soderkoping (which is where we are now) on the Baltic Sea via a river and through two large lakes.

The canal itself is 190 km (120 mi) long, of which 87 km (54 mi) were dug or blasted, with a width varying between 7–14 m (23–46 ft) and a maximum depth of about 3 m (9.8 ft). It has 58 locks and can accommodate vessels up to 32 m (105 ft) long, 7 m (23 ft) wide and 2.8 m (9.2 ft) 


I do not know how long Mom will be engulfed in these books, but I'm hoping not for too long. I know we're supposed to drive north to Moms puppy town but we're waiting around until all the forest fires are taken care of. Several 100 of acres are burning and firefighters from Poland and some other countries are here to help. It's a disaster we hope is taken care of real soon.........all is well

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