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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 28 juli 2018 06:56

When I noticed where we were going I stood up in my seat and sang my happy song back to Lotta's house. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out so good this time because Lotta has chickens and they have a very tasty poop and that grosses Mom out so I can't run around loose and I can't come into the house either because Selma has three babies and being a good MOm she's protecting them from me not understanding I will not hurt them. They have very sharp claws which I did get a feel of until my Mom saved me. You can see those sharp knife like claws on the baby, so imagine what Selma's look like..................ouch


After Mom got help to fix a booboo on Lucy she created we drove off south..................South???? I thought we were going North to Moms puppy town? What's going on? 

As it turned out Mom had read about this mystical place in the deepest forest and just had to see it.

There is a place in a very small village off the beaten track, where hundreds of old cars are parked in a row. It looks like the owners had just parked them there temporarily, planning to return any minute. That minute never came and the cars were forgotten.

It's a desolated almost ghost-like atmosphere the silence of nature in strong contrast to the footprints of decay that humans had left.

Slowly but surely natures trees and bushes will reclaim the place once again and bury the cars for their final rest.


This is a car graveyard where approximately 150cars from the mid-1900s. Each object has its own history and you're free to fantasize and make up your own stories.


The most well -known history this place has to offer is about Ake of the peat bog, originator of this unique place. Ake was born in 1914 and worked as a farmhand but in 1935 he bought this peat-bog and a shovel. At the time it was good money in peatery.

Ake built himself a house only 12 square meters that had everything he needed.


He dug with his shovel half a meter wide -six divots deep -line after line. The season started late summer when there was no frost in the ground. When spring arrived he turned all the peats toward the sun to dry. Later they were stacked into piles so the summer breeze would finish the job.

When farmers came here to buy peat Ake drove the products from the barn in a specially made wagon with rims rolling on long wooden poles made out of pine trees. Some farmers tore the pet apart with the help of threshing machines at home, others had help from pigs who loved to play with the peat which in the end gave the same result. The shredded peat was either used to keep stables dry or put on the fields as good fertilizer.


Ake had great technical skills and he could build almost anything he needed out of practically nothing.The hard work at the peat-bog soon forced him to invent some helpful tools. From an old Chevrolet-engine, he built himself another transport vehicle with a wagon where he could load the turfs.

This vehicle drove at the same speed forward and backward along 340 meters of railway between the barn and the peat-bog


Ake soon realized that he could better meet the demand if he sold peat shredded and ready for the stable so he built his own threshing machine followed by a packing machine also powered by old rebuilt engines. This met the demand and a lot more profit for Ake.

After World War II life became better and a few years into the 50s the car became "every man's property".Car maintenance was often bad and many cars were abandoned along the small roads.

Ake saw a business opportunity and started to collect the cars in the area and could be described both as an entrepreneur and a pioneer.


Ake bought his last car in 1974 but continued to dismantle them and sell parts for a long time before he retired 1992.

in 2001 the municipality decided to let nature take over the place once again, while we are reminded of the past. The car graveyard has been compared to a self-destructing piece of art, but the interpretations of this place are probably as many as the visitors. I know Mom liked it a lot and I thought it was pretty cool too. Even though I had to watch for sharp things to protect my paws.

"For you are dust, and to dust, you shall return"



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