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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 3 augusti 2018 06:42

we finally made it to Mom's puppy town and now parked at a cousins house.

On the way North there are two bridges that frighten Mom terribly, and this is one of them. It's like Swedens Golden Gate, very tall so Mom has to concentrate on looking at a spot straight ahead...................if she looks over the side we're doomed


The road along the coast is boring with nothing new to see. This silverfish sign has been standing by the road forever advertising a seafood restaurant. We never stopped here before, but it's lunchtime and a good parking space to make lunch and green grass for me to take a whizz 



adorable kids picking flowers gave Mom some flashbacks .................


As we walked by the restaurant Mom took a peek at the menu and sure there was a lot of fish, BUT they also had Mom's favorite. Potato pancakes with salt pork and fresh lingonberries..............and dogs were allowed on the porch .....SOLD


and yes I did get several tastes 


A beautiful restaurant and great food, we have to stop here again............"I'm not driving this long road again" Mom says

"Sure, that's what you sid last year too,"I say.


Days are already getting shorter and it's dark a few hours at night now. Sun up is at 3.44AM and sundown at 9.38PM

Today looks like it's going to be a cloudy day, to most Swedes relief. Everybody we talk to is complaining about the heat and how dry it is, although it's not as dry up here as in the south. Not many Swedes have AC so I can understand it's hard to sleep when it's 90F inside. 


Sitting on the porch I spotted this strange thing running across the road, and I ran to check it out. Mom and Birgitta shouted so loud not to touch so it frightened both me and the ball. The ball growled and hissed so I backed off.


This is a hedgehog and they are vicious Mom says, but also good to keep snakes and rodents away. Like with everything in nature, they all have a place. Mom thinks they are cute, but this guy was very angry and he sure let us know not to get any closer.


I enjoy running around free when we're in the country and I'm learning what animals to stay away from. Sneaking up on a flock of birds is fun because no matter of how many they are I alone can take them on..............hmm. "don't get too cocky" Mom says, we have birds of prey here too.


This guy I only got to see through the window. A hare would have been a fun chase.................a "very short one" Mom says "hares are to fast for me" she says ........... huh, no vote of confidence from her 


Today is going to be a day of doing nothing just relaxing me napping and Mom reading or maybe knitting 

All is well

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