Alla inlägg den 10 augusti 2018

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 10 augusti 2018 07:01

An entire week has been gone by since my update and that's because Mom says we don't have much to tell right now.

We are at Mom's puppy town and visiting so many homes eating and eating and eating and in between, we do "fika"

I have most wrapped around my paw so I do get a lot of goodies too. In the past, Mom used to say no to people giving me too many treats, but now she says I can have almost anything I want because I'm old enough.

I know all the houses from before and knows exactly where the fridges are and I'm allowed to roam the properties free as a bird.......................life is good.


Talk about birds...............so many people around here have birds in their backyards and I have tried to make friends with them to no avail, they all run away from me cackling.


Mom and her cousin sit outside with their knittings and I lay around sunning my belly

Here are knitted mittens typical for this region.


when they're done knitting they play with pearls and wires. The crafting never stops ...........


Mom showed little Elliot how to fly a kite.....................


There's a lot of animals in all homes but I'm not sure where those big raindeers lives, must be a pretty big house with tall doors I think.


Like I said Life is good with lots of green grass to roam and flowery couches to take naps on.............what else can I ask for? 


all is well 


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