Alla inlägg den 12 augusti 2018

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 12 augusti 2018 06:12

Just woke up and we're parked by a lake in the middle of nowhere, at least that's what I think but Mom says she knows exactly where we are and where we're going.................so we'll see.

We've been visiting with Moms cousins in their gorgeous log summer house 


Unfortunately, the weather Gods weren't on our side but with great company and awesome food it didn't matter so much. For supper, parts from a moose were cooked and it was delicious.


The guy with a bowling ball on his head says he did so because he kept hitting his head on the door post everytime he walked into the house with a fire pit. Not sure exactly how it helped but his lady said he loves to wear silly things on his head...................


The house with a firepit was very cozy, but I stayed inside to kiss up with the lady of the house because she was in charge of the fridge and very generous.............another person I wrapped around my paw....


I didn't get a seat at the table, but that's ok because I did get to taste the moose after everyone got theirs.............I even saw Mom getting a container of meat to take with us, and there's no way I'll forget about that.

I didn't get to taste any of the desserts though?...................


after supper, I and Mom took a well-deserved nap on the couch.................it's very tiring to eat great food......Mom says it's like Thanksgiving when you eat so much you can't move much further than the couch


In the evening the wind picked up a lot. .............so much that Lucy was rocking us to sleep and the following day it was a storm so strong so the boat took off on her own.


Luckily the boat owner caught her and manage to put the lead on and walked her back to shore


It was a day that was nicer to stay inside at the fireplace and look out through the window.


The wind was so strong it was difficult for me to lift a leg without getting knocked over, good thing Mom was there ready to catch me if I too was to get blown away


Saturday afternoon we said goodbye to everybody and continued North (how much further North can we go without hitting the North Pole?)and are now parked by a lake in the woods.............Mom hopes to spot a moose or a bear but I'm not so sure that would be a good encounter.

The wind has died down a little which is a good thing because  Lucy wanted to be all over the road so Mom had to hold her real tight.

All is well.

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