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Last night we spent by this river and we both slept very well as the wind rocked us to sleep. In the morning it was sunny and it looked like it'll turn out to another gorgeous day.


there is not much traffic here and it could feel pretty lonely at times so I really wanted to make friends when I noticed Santas reindeers on the road. I cried to be let out but Mom said they aren't very social and they took off into the woods..


we made a few more stops for me to take a whiz and for Mom to take pictures....


this hart is made of logs, and I'm curious to know how they have anchored them in the sand to stay  on such steep hill


So we arrived at Storforsen a rapid in the Pite river. With an average flow of 250 m3/s, the rapids are one of the biggest in Europe that stretches over a distance of 5km (about 3 miles) and it drops 82 meters (270 feet)

Flow usually is highest at midsummer but the water is unusually low this year because of the draught. During the flood year in 1995, a volume of 1200 cubic meters (1570 cubic yards)flowed down Storforsen each second.


To prevent accidents the rocks surrounding the rapids are fenced, views being readily accessible to the public via ramps. While the rapids were used in previous years to transport logs, today its surroundings are part of a nature park, visited by 150,000 people each year


In Connection with the rapids, you can also see the "Dead Falls" that arose through buildings and cleansing when achieving a floatable river fall between the years 1878-1945, which was used until 1982 when all rafting activities ended in the Pite river. Through these cleansing and construction sites, one of the great sights occurred. 


when the river was developed into a float way part of the river channel was drained, but there is still life in every pond. 

The sound of moving boulders can be heard in the rapids thudding against the river bed. The bedrock beneath the rapids is quickly eroded by the action of water and boulders.

Stones can lodge in spots and grinding potholes which is seen in the drained area of the falls. On a sunny day, this is a popular spot for sunbathing and swimming in the warm water 


On this stage, the ballet "Trolltack" is performed every year and it's the story of the six little girls who are taken away by a whirlwind and kept captive by the ugly trolls. When the girls grow up, the trolls intend to marry them and make them queens at their castle...... too bad the season for that is over now but there's always another year.....there are no seats you just find a boulder to sit on.


At the bottom of the falls are a big hotel and a church and of course a sauna which is extremely popular around here.


Driving back to the coast and then head North Mom is doing her taking pictures while driving again 


Next stop is at the rapids in Torne River. Kukkola is two villages with the same name on each side of the river dividing Sweden and Finland. This is a world of its own, filled with tastes and experiences. The area, divided between two countries, has its own culture and its own language: Meänkieli...............completely impossible for an outsider to understand.

 a guy trying his luck flyfishing



The fast-flowing rapids around Kukkola and the fact that they are relatively shallow means they’re perfect for an almost unique fishing method – catching by hand net. At the Whitefish Festival, the freshly-caught fish is grilled and smoked, then sold to guests. The freshest fish you can eat

Netting whitefish this way is, of course, tiring and stressful. Handling a landing net with a six-meter handle in running water for several hours is hard work. That’s why the villagers used to divide themselves into teams, working in shifts as the whitefish came up the river. They also built artificial piers of wood, stretching into the river so the fishermen could easily reach with their hand nets





In winter the ice would break away the pier so a new one is built every year and it looked pretty unstable to Mom but I'm sure the builders know what they are doing because it has been run by the same family for 5 generations. Fishing this way is a unique experience where you use a bag net with a 6-meter-long handle. A good fisherman needs to know the resting places of fish as well as have strength to fish for hours at a time. The method is also very unique in another way, it’s only used in two remote rivers in the world, the Gulf of Bothnia and the Amazon in Brazil.

They do offer you the possibility to try your fishing luck. They will provide the long handle net, the place, and the instructor. You will also keep all the fish you can catch during the hour you are fishing.

Mom was tempted but the price and walking on that bridge stopped her.



These guys are catching whitefish measure them and attach a little radio on them so they can follow their swim up the river to spawn


There are salmon and other fish in the river too but they said they already know their habits after years of research.

Pretty cool job to have but of course cold as hell in the winter when they drill holes in the ice to catch fish


Swedish military does not look very menacing at least when they are on their lunch hour eating at a five-star restaurant


Time for bed...............all is well 




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