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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 3 juli 2020 12:32

Good Morning from somewhere on the road, (not sure Mom knows exactly where we are either so it's a very good thing the people talking to her via satellite knows), We just woke up(read Mom) once again staying at a Motel since the pole to the tent broke AGAIN. As soon as we get to a city we'll be sending this entire thing back for a full refund. 

As Mom is getting dressed she found 2 things she didn't need and thought it'll be a great look for me......NOT


Today we went to Charleston which is South Carolinas largest city

the city was founded  1670 as Charles town honoring King Charles of England,

Travel Leisure magazine has ranked Charleston the best city in the US for years.
I can see why, because there are gorgeous houses and alleys all over town


There was a lot to explore here but first, we went to a dog park so I could play and do my business. It's too hot and dogs I didn't know so I wasn't in the mood to even chase a ball or do anything. Mom understood because she felt the same way. I have a feeling these guys must feel a lot worse than I did with their thick coat who's supposed to withstand a snowstorm says Mom..................(I have never seen snow)


What about these poor mules that have to walk and walk to pull tourists around and listen to the same stories all day long....I do feel sorry for them


This is a picture of a picture of The rainbow row, because it was impossible to get a decent picture since all houses was behind trees and some covered in construction tarps. Supposedly it's the most photographed in all of town, Mom don't understand how?


The pink house is the oldest stone building built of Bermudan limestone but we couldn't find it so here's a yellow house instead


Contrasts of new and old


MOM,,Mooooommmm I'm being kidnapped, Heelllllp.................Don't be so dramatic she said, the lady only held you up to show her husband she found the dog she wanted, AND she was wearing a mask


Pineapple Fountain- Located in Charleston's Waterfront Park, the fountain was placed here in 1990 during the springtime after Hurricane Hugo had hit. Pineapples are popular in Charleston as they are used as symbols of hospitality.


Mom wanted me to skip this picture for two reasons. The building in the background which is an art gallery doesn't seem to fit in with everything else in town, AND she is upset she didn't take 2 steps to the left so the building would stand straight,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,picky picky 

There was a sign that you were allowed to wade in the water, so Mom tried to cool me off but it spooked me


The new Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, constructed in 2005 and named after former U.S Representative Arthur Ravenel Jr., who pushed the project to fruition, was at the time of its construction the second longest cable-stayed bridge in the Western Hemisphere


Charlestown played a major role in the slave trade which lay the foundation for the city's size and wealth

the city has also been a hotspot for pirates blamed on a weak government and corruption.

Despite that grim history, the towners have a great sense of humor,


here's another fountain to cool off, but still of no interest of me

Considered the most haunted building in Charleston, The Old City Jail has been featured on nearly every major ghost program on TV.

Home of Charleston’s most notorious criminals during the 1800s and early 1900s, the Old Jail is now said to be haunted by the more than 13,000 prisoners who were executed on site. Denmark Vesey, a carpenter, community leader, and enslaved African was accused and convicted of being the leader of "the rising,” a major potential slave revolt planned for the city of Charleston. Local history indicates Vesey spent his final days locked in one of the jail's towers before his execution in 1822.


all this walking was getting so exhausting so we hired a bike taxi to take us back to the car. I loved the ride


This young lady who was from Serenity outreach sisters handed Mom a free sunflower...........they were sowing seeds of love, and Mom felt it for sure


The entire group was working on a presentation movie, and they included us and asked if they could pray for our continued trip. Sure Mom said it could be a good thing. They were a GREAT group of young ladies who had us smiling for the rest of the day. Their shirts are nice and Mom just got a message that they will send her one too



so much green and beauty everywhere, so as far as we can see the grim history is all gone


Finally when we are about a half a block from the car this mockingbird was singing so loud it made us stop to listen

Believe it or not, but the bird was following us and serenaded us from a safe distance all the way, and finally sat down on the car parked next to us watching us get in and leave.............was he/she trying to tell us something?

back in the car and comfortable AC I thought Mom was lost because she drove in circles and into narrow alleys, but she explained we were still sightseeing............ok but I don't care I took a very deserved nap.


Mom really fell in love with this city and asked me how I would feel about moving here ...........here's my response  zzzzzzzzzzzz 

We're now on our way Northwest on a highway which hypnotizes and made Mom very sleepy so she just pulled off an exit despite what the satellite people said. We now drove through farmland where there were fields of corn as far as your eyes could see, and the houses are huge and with gorgeous wrap-around porches. It helped Moms sleepiness for a while but soon enough she pulled over and we took a well-deserved nap in the car.

Today is a new day for more adventures...........sloppy kisses to y,all as they say here 

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