Alla inlägg den 6 juli 2020

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 6 juli 2020 14:30

Good Morning, we're still living in luxury (Mom said. don't get used to it because it'll come to an end soon)

It was foggy and very quiet when we got up except this strange bird that never seems to get tired of singing. He's a Whipporwill not very pretty but a diligent singer   


Yesterday Mom thought it would be a good idea to throw me a ball to suppress some of my energy but as the house is on a hill and Mom didn't want me in the woods (ticks) she decided I could play on this big porch. 

Unfortunately, the ball rolled down the stairs and I managed to squeeze through and got hung up which ended the game rather quickly.


These bright yellow patches seemed to develop out of nowhere and people call it "dog vomit"?? I swear I didn't do it

.. It is commonly known as the scrambled egg slime, or flowers of tan because of its peculiar yellowish, bile-colored appearance. Also known as slime mold, it is common with a worldwide distribution, and it is often found on bark mulch in urban areas after heavy rain or excessive watering.


I think we should come here in the winter so we can sit by this bonfire and grill sausages..... (hot dogs is something totally different in my world)  

I made Bode a proposal..................." how about if I move here with you and we become brothers?" He never answered

but the look on his face told me exactly what he felt about that. 



oh well, can't win them all and Mom would probably not let me anyway, so don't worry Bode 



I do like his squeaky toys, and I managed to destroy 3 of them (sorry Bode) and I heard I'll be receiving a couple as presents for my trip. 


I dragged all his toys one at the time out to the living room and tried really hard to get Bode to play a game of tug of war, but all he did was laying down on top of them all to take a nap? I don't get it, but Mom said I will be like that too when I get older..............



I heard we're in for a new (for me) adventure today, and I can't wait to find out what...................I'll get you all updated tomorrow.............

sending morning breath kisses to y'all




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