Alla inlägg den 10 juli 2020

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 10 juli 2020 12:22

Goodmorning again, Yesterday was a boring day of driving and driving with nothing to see so I napped a lot. Mom is jealous that she couldn't do that..........we left Iowa and drove through Missouri and now we're in Iowa


Mom read Henry on this license plate???


Traffic through St Louis was horrid and what's up with the roads? I was bouncing around all over........


This was the views from my window miles and miles of nothing but corn and fields without a bend in the road.........yawn


I was hoping the truck would hit a bump so one of those melons would bounce into the road.........Mom said no and quickly passed.............it would make an awful mess she said...........so much for some kind, ANY kind of excitement


Mom thinks these silos that are everywhere are interesting looking.............huh? I don't get that at all..................


Finally, we arrived in a town named Pella, which is a town founded by immigrants from Holland. This windmill The Vermeer Mill is a fully functional 1850s-style windmill, reaching 134 ft (41 m) high. The Vermeer Mill grinds wheat into flour using only wind power and is the tallest working windmill in the United States.


Pella is located forty miles southeast of Des Moines and the home of Central College, as well as several manufacturing companies, including Pella Corp. which makes windows and a factory that makes farm equipment.


We were lucky to arrive on a Thursday because that's the day when there's a party in the park. Unfortunately, no one seems to be aware of the Covid virus since very few were wearing masks, so we tried to walk around it all, but they were playing games with balls that I really wanted to participate in...................but noooooo that was for two legged puppies.


The streets were mostly deserted (everyone was at the park)and Mom loved the old buildings a lot so we did a lot of walking. This is the Opera House, built-in 1900, was renovated in 1990 and is a popular entertainment destination, featuring stained-glass windows and ornate tin ceiling 


The entire town is super clean and as a visitor, you can clearly see the Dutch influence. They even tried to recreate the canals of Amsterdam. Mom said the original canals in Holland are not this clean and definitely not blue



this town has a very interesting history and is the home to one of the most famous (or infamous?) characters of the Old West. Wyatt Earp moved with his family to Pella in 1850, when Wyatt was 2 years old, from Monmouth, Illinois. For 14 years the Earp family farmed in the Pella area, and Wyatt’s father, Nicholas Earp, worked as a recruiter for the Union Army.  here's a link to more stories https://www.pellahistorical.org/wyatt-earp


Mom couldn't get enough of these fabulous buildings but I have nothing to say about them so ........................



The artwork is very Dutch and not much of an interest to me either.............I did find a lot of interesting scents though 



Is this a crackhouse?  


It's 6.30 AM and it's time to pack up and continue on North, and I'm hoping roads will get more exciting and that we don't need to drive as many miles before stopping again....................Oh, I forgot to tell you there was a band playing and before that, they had some kind of quiz going on. 



we kisses to you all



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