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Av EvaLena Hallgren - Söndag 12 juli 03:02

The morning routine has become Mom looking for a nice park and today was my lucky day because we visited two dog-friendly parks.

 Falls Park is a public park located in north-central Sioux Falls, South Dakota, surrounding the city's falls. Through it runs the Big Sioux River, and it includes a café, observation tower, and the remains of an old mill



This park and falls are gorgeous so we spent a couple of hours walking around. Sun is beating down and shade is hard to find, The spray from the fall felt good 


a kind soul left this guy a drink..........well needed from sitting in the hot sun



In the evenings there's a very impressive laser show which lights up the falls in all the colors of the rainbow.....we didn't

stay but there are YouTube pictures of it, and there are also pictures from their Christmas lights which is truly impressive...........

The grass is so soft and cool on my paws, I wish I was loose to run 


The second park we visited was Palisades state park 


The Park is considered one of the most unique areas in South Dakota. Split Rock Creek, which flows through the park, is lined with Sioux quartzite formations varying from shelves several feet above the water to 50-foot vertical cliffs. 

I don't think I have to worry about Mom breaking this law about jumping off the cliffs




The water is muddy brown, so not very inviting to swim in and I thought nothing can live in this mud? but these two ladies were fishing for catfish and said they taste delicious.


sometimes I have to run ahead and clear Moms path............or drag her up steep stairs............I always have to wait



sweet green grass and cool shade, I could take a nice nap here..............



This is how I like to lay while Mom drives. and she thinks that's weird when I have the entire bed in the back, and my own comfy seat in front ............ this is exactly in between.........and I like to be close..


Tomorrow we're going to the badlands??????????? What's up with that ??????? I want to stay at Goodland

See ya in the morning 

Good Night




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