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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 13 juli 2020 04:47

After a good night's sleep, we are back on the road again continuing west towards Mt.Rushmore.The closer we got the closer the billboards got. There were so many you couldn't read them all but the kept repeating over and over for miles 


The landscape has changed no more corn the miles and miles of green we see is food for cattle. We drove through some gorgeous green hills, so green and so smooth it looked like velvet. Mom wishes there were somewhere to drive off the road to really take it all in, but noooooo................everybody is in a rush. the speed limit is 80mph (130km) so traffic is moving along good


Next, we entered the Badlands park and we stopped to look at the prairie dogs. They have become so used to tourists to feed them so they were like pets.


It's 96F (35C)so it looks like this little doggie passed out, we should have brought him water, but I wasn't allowed to get



Entering the park was like driving in a different world, but no pets allowed on the paths, fine with me, who wants to go out there in 96-degree heat and risk your life fighting rattlesnakes anyway? I see everything just fine from here, and Mom agreed.


Badlands National Park is located in southwestern South Dakota. The park protects 242,756 acres of sharply eroded buttes and pinnacles, along with the largest undisturbed mixed grass prairie in the United States. The National Park Service manages the park, with the South Unit being co-managed with the Oglala Lakota tribe.


a big part of the park as a designated wilderness area, and is one site where the black-footed ferret, one of the most endangered mammals in the world, was reintroduced to the wild.The South Unit, includes sites of 1890s Ghost Dances, a former United States Air Force bomb and gunnery range.


warnings about loose rocks don't climb.............but there's always just THAT ONE guy 


and then is the guy that's posing his Hawaiian girl doll...........and taking selfies together ????


Authorized as Badlands National Monument on March 4, 1929, it was not established until January 25, 1939. Badlands was redesignated a national park on November 10, 1978. Under the Mission 66 plan, the Ben Reifel Visitor Center was constructed for the monument in 1957–58. The park also administers the nearby Minuteman Missile National Historic Site. Movies such as Dances with Wolves and Thunderheart were partially filmed in Badlands National Park.

This was a great experience for both of us, loved every second............and as usual, there's no way to capture the amazing size of it all in a picture


On the way out of the park, we spotted these guys but they had no interest in any kind of introductions.They just turned their backs


One of the billboards that kept repeating was about a Wall Drug? must be a new kind, but is it legal to advertise like that? Turns out it's a town known as aTourist trap , so off we went


It wasn't super crowded and we found a parking space in the middle of it all,


they claim artifacts handcrafted by natives. Not so at all, the same tourist trinkets and Tshirts in every store. A few gold shops but Mom have no interest in jewelry so we pretty much made a quick walk through the town which felt very fake

At one end of town the biggest silos I've ever seen...........or whatever it is?


These look at me cars passed us on the road later


ok I remember a story about this guy in a different town we visited? guy get around


Mom! I'm just a puppy............................. I'll be one next week though 


Here's a guy that's as tough as I am ......................


Tomorrow we are going to look at more rocks

Good NIght,,,,,,,,,,sweet dreams

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