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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 17 juli 2020 00:45

I know I'm a day behind now, but if Mom doesn't get too sleepy I'll try to catch up. We were in Yellowstone all-day today and it's gorgeous. I'm not allowed on the boardwalks and trails but it's ok because the view from the window is pretty good too. A few times Mom left me alone for a few minutes to take pictures and I'm ok with that because it doesn't get too hot in the car now.

Yesterday morning we left a town named Livingstone, which Mom thought was about 1 hour from Yellowstone. She was wrong it was more like 2,5 hours.

Anyway, it's so crowded here and most campsites are closed due to the virus so you have to make reservations even for a tent spotMom called a place called Paradise (sounds pretty good right?) The lady that answered took a while and said: yes I have ONE spot left, so Mom said we take it. Lady wanted Moms name and that's when it got really difficult 

Lady didn't get it, so Mom started with Edvard, Victor, Adam Lenny, and so on, the lady still didn't get it and Mom looked at the GPS that it was 14 min away. She told the lady we'll be there in 15 min.so please keep the spot........she didn't. She said she couldn't save the spot without a credit card??  Mom was too tired to argue so we got a cabin instead. It was cute but no bedding, only a mattress with thick plastic, our car is more comfortable, Anyway, it was 42 F (6C)when we woke up so we quickly continued our travel and MOm said Halllelujaaaaa for heated seats.




this was the view from the porch

and the campsite was next to a beautiful river, these boats had no engine, and kind of rough stream Mom wondered how they planned to row upstream, 


a little birdie entertained us


we thought it was about an hour to the entrance of the park, but it turned out closer to 2 ...with all the pitstops for pictures and tinkles 


we are getting closer


Mom loved these lawn ornaments and wish she could bring them home to our house...........sure that'll go over real well with our HOA I say.... haha exactly she said .............??


It's 5,30 and we are going out in town to find something to eat...................I hope MOm will have the strength to help me continue our travel story when we get back...........she's been awfully tired at nights lately...

Later alligtor


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