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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 19 juli 2020 06:57

Yes, I'm a day behind again but it isn't Moms fault this time, we couldn't get good wifi so there was noway uploading any photos. The rule here in Yellowstone is that you can't park and sleep for the night anywhere in the park and if you do the rangers can take your pass and make you leave. So playing by the rules we drove out on the East side of the park this time. There were very few campsites open and the ones that were, had no room since they're booked for weeks at the time, and most are huge fifth wheelers or RVs we were forced to take what we can find and that was this super expensive fake log cabin. It was filthy and I found a pill on the floor that I chewed on, but Mom quickly took it away from me.


they advertise that this is Buffalo Bills hunting lodge


but before we ended up here we spent the previous night at the west entrance of Yellowstone and was back on the road early dawn. Mom said all animals are early risers ......I beg to differ? but it's ok because I go back to sleep as soon as we get into the car.

This morning was super exciting because Mom spotted a black bear and parked in the middle of the road to get a picture. She didn't let me out to see him tough.

 om wished he would turn around but was afraid to call his attention


Yellowstone has three loops, and the first day we only made the North loop.

It's a big park and we're stopping often to admire the fantastic scenery and for me to take a leak and sniff everything



When we left there were no coffee places open but inside the park, we found a gas station with fresh coffee and Mom got a muffin............yes I had a treat too but was mostly interested in these curious little critters. They kept looking at me but as soon as I tried to say hello they disappeared underground


so far we have seen a Black bear, bluebird, hummingbird, Bald eagle, elk, coyote, bison, prairie dogs, and chipmunks...

if we only got to see a wolf too........

Bisons was on the road again and the are huge.............this one kept walking right towards us and I was wondering what will happen? but he avoided the car slowly 


we had lunch at a place called Silver Spring and we met this lady, Her name was Diane and she was an artist who paints nature. we sat here for a very long time since she and Mom seemed to have a lot in common, She too was driving and sleeping in a car. I kissed her a lot


Se claimed that this lodge across the street was Teddy Roosevelt's hunting lodge, but Mom tried to google to makwe sure it was facts, but couldn't find it?


The restroom at this place was very "rustic" and a couple of pillows on the floor if you felt like meditate ???


Continuing on we stopped many times to take pictures. The speed limit is mostly 45 throughout the park and many times even slower because of many sharp bends.


Mom is afraid of heights, so she decided we should drive the Beartooth highway?

The Beartooth Highway is the section of U.S Route 212  It traces a series of steep zigzags and switchbacks, along the Montana-Wyoming border to the 10,947 ft (3,337 m) high Beartooth Pass in Wyoming. The approximate elevation rise is from 5,200 ft (1,600 m) to 8,000 ft (2,400 m) in 12 mi (19 km) in the most daring landscapes............sounds just like the kind of road she's scared of.............I don't get it? but who am I to question her? That's why I'm the best travel companion she says


One of the most fascinating sights you’ll see along the way is a near-perfectly carved pyramid rising up between the granite mountains. It almost looks as though someone picked up one of the great pyramids of Egypt and placed it among the Beartooth mountain range. Carved exquisitely by glaciers, its unique shape led the Crow Indians to name it “bear’s tooth,” which is how the mountain range and highway got their name.



The road was amazing and the views incredible, Mom became mute and that's never happened before trust me......not sure it was because she was scared amazed or concentrated on the road.............all three Mom said,

It was so windy on the top I wasn't let out of the car because mom thought I blow away.



Anyway, she let the window open so I called out to this little guy, and he came running and we had a chat, I'm sure he wanted to make friends but Mom didn't think so. She said she didn't even know what it is? He looked sad when I left...........bet he doesn't have too many friends up there 


There's a motorcycle rally in Red Lodge so there are billions of Harleys everywhere, and these three bikers we met at the badlands last week..........great people, we may see them again.


at one of our stops on the way down, the bikers were feeding chipmunks sunflower seeds...........aren't they ruining the tuff guy biker image when they do that?


MOm wanted to do that too and begged for some seeds.........the little buggers didn't even care that I was there hoping it was a treat that  I like too.......but noo. I noticed they didn't eat the seeds, the just filled up their faces which got bigger and bigger, so I decided to back off before they blow up....(Mom made me)

Here's the last stretch back to the valley


Before we left the park I met a park ranger, That's like a cop for the forest Mom said, I really liked her and tried to get her mask off to kiss her face. She loved me too so we smooched for a long time, while Mom visited the ladies room.


we passed this sign a few times too 


so now my story is back to where I started and that was the expensive lodge at the east entrance. 

again we left early to head to Old Faithful and then the Tetons but I'll tell you all about that tomorrow,

Right now we're at a campsite south of it all, we drove quickly through Jackson which was too crowded and super expensive.

I think town we're in is called Greys river


sleep tight..............




19 juli 2020 20:13

Är det inte ett murmeldjur


EvaLena Hallgren

21 juli 2020 04:50

jovisst har du rätt, och det heter marmot på engelska, så nu fick jag lära mig nåt nytt. ......häftigt

    Kom ihåg mig



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