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WEDNESDAY 22/7 Silverton

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 23 juli 2020 02:47

What a day with so much adventure, we stayed inside Mesa Verde national park which was absolutely amazing, and in the morning we had company. We also had an opportunity to eat unlimited pancakes at 7 AM. and I could join..... I didn't care much for the pancakes but the bacon was yummy 


I'm not sure why Mom keeps insisting driving these roads since she's so darn scared, but I suppose she's doing her darnest to overcome it because of interesting places to see.


Mesa Verde National Park is in southwest Colorado. It's known for its well-preserved Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings, notably the huge Cliff Palace. Mesa Top Loop Road winds past archaeological sites and overlooks, including Sun Point Overlook with panoramic canyon views and it was very windy, so again I choose to stay in the car


In the late 19th century, there were no laws against treasure-hunting or selling artifacts in Colorado in addition to the ever-present threat of vandalism and looting, scholars and tourists alike had the habit of taking valuable items from Mesa Verde as trophies. A Swedish explorer Nordenskiöld loaded Mesa Verde artifacts into Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad boxcars and headed for Europe, with most of the items eventually ending up at the National Museum of Finland.

Angry locals charged Nordenskiöld with "devastating the ruins" and had him arrested at midnight at the Strater Hotel even though there were no laws at the time supporting such a charge. In addition to the issue of removing artifacts, xenophobia may have played a role in Nordenskiöld's arrest. 

When Nordenskiöld was arrested on 17 September 1891 he sent this telegram to his father: "much troublesome expense no danger"


In 1893 published one of the first books about Mesa Verde, The Cliff Dwellers of Mesa Verde, Southwestern Colorado: Their Pottery and Implements, a monumental report of his excavations, describing in detail the buildings, pottery, skeletal remains, and tools found at the sites


Nordenskiöld's collections from Mesa Verde were bought by a Finnish collector who eventually donated them to the University of Helsinki. They are now held by the National Museum of Finland and were on display at the Museum of Cultures in the Tennispalatsi building in central Helsinki. The natives are very angry and want it back, and we were told it was in the making ......100 years later


Recommended book to learn more for  anyone interested is"Shadow of the century"

Driving backroads (Mom get too sleepy on the highways) she spotted a sign on a shack that reminded her of her puppyland, so she made an Uturn

Mom knocked but no answer so we stepped in and there was no one there? but behind was a lady that was soooo happy to see us and yes My husband is Swedish and she fetched him

His name was Bruce Bjöklund and he told Mom he was born on the ship coming to America.


Now Mom should have asked for his age but that's not polite so we can only guess 

He had a huge dog that was super nice, and head was as big as all of me and he wasn't into playing either


We continued on early morning made a stop in Durango and then went on to yet another horrifying road and now were in Silverton. elevation 9 318ft.....population 637a cowboy town. I'll tell you all about that tomorrow because it's time to snooze. 

Mom says these heights are making her very sleepy.....................


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