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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 28 juli 2020 15:28

Good Morning from Clines Corner where we spent the night. It has been raining all night and from what I can see it looks like it will continue all day too. I don't mind the rain at night it's kind of soothing to listen to, but it sure puts a damper on the daytime activities.

Clines Corners is an unincorporated community that was established in 1934 by Roy E. Cline, who built a rest stop at what was then the intersection of U.S Route 66 and US 28.

When Mom looked at the map she thought it was a city, but when we got here it was nothing but a huge gas station and nick knack shop. She even said so to the owner and his wife, I think he got a tad offended and said: "This is a town, we have a zip code and a postoffice, population 8"..........Mom didn't believe him so she googled and found out there's 8 people per square mile and 212 people live here.

Roy E. Cline had an idea, give road-weary travelers a place to stop, shop and eat, and you better believe it's needed after 60 miles 10(mil)of this 


we started yesterday morning continuing on the Santa Fe trail

I suppose this is how a flat tire looked back then  


This was a very nice rest stop with lots of plants and birds to look at


Next, we visited the Pecos National park

Portions of the historic Santa Fe Trail run through all units of the park. This rutted wagon trail was one of the major routes by which the American Southwest grew in the 19th century.


The main unit of the park preserves the ruins of Pecos Pueblo, also known historically as Cicuye. The first Pecos pueblo was one of two dozen rock-and-mud villages built in the valley around AD 1100 

The Pecos people enjoyed a rich culture with inventive architecture and beautiful crafts. They also possessed an elaborate religious life, evidenced by many ceremonial kivas. Farming was the main part of their diet and staple crops included the usual beans, corn, and squash. Their location, power, and ability to supply goods made the Pecos a major trade center in the eastern part of the Puebloan territory, connecting the Pueblos to the Plains cultures such as the Comanche.


We walked the 2km trail and at first, I couldn't understand why Mom thought of the importance to stay on the trail and why she didn't let me sniff all the interesting holes everywhere............maybe this sign has something to do about it?


I did get a good whiff of this bug and happened to flip him over on his back I didn't mean to so I asked Mom to flip him back, which she did carefully


The goal today was to visit Santa Fe, a place that Mom has visited once before, and she told me about a cafe where we were going to have lunch. Unfortunately, it was closed,( as so many other places) but at least I got to sit in the same chair as my predecessor Buttons was sitting at

It is considered one of the world's great art cities, due to its many art galleries and installations, and is recognized by UNESCO's Creative Cities Network.

Canyon street has so many artists and galleries and it's Moms' favorite place, (or it used to be) This time it seemed gray and dusty, not as colorful and cheery as she remembered. Of course, this pesky virus has something to do with it, 


We walked the entire street and admired the many sculptures and art.


This is a very dog-friendly town (except the Tea House only eatery open) and almost every gallery had water bowls on the steps but this???? free cookies for dogs??? What's the catch?


Whatever it was good and I asked for seconds but .....................Mom said noooo


I think this was Moms favorite 


The streets are very narrow so it's lucky it's a oneway and very little traffic 


there MUST be a story about this ?? but the gallery was closed so we have no idea what the artist was thinking. Mom said we can make up our own story..........sooo ok..........scratch my back and I scratch yours?


I like this colorful and dragonfly


This leather store was open selling cowboy stuff...........the man wanted to say hello so I went to him 


I took one quick whiff and NO I didn't like him............Mom wanted to know why, but I can't explain ............it just IS



I think the windows and doors are very pretty.I think Mom is taking all these pictures to inspire her doodling when we get home.


This bear looks like he's inviting us to his den, but I couldn't find the opening.


so like I said we didn't stay here long it wasn't all that exciting since most places was closed. We continued to where we are now and it must be a  S. Lynn Smithbig "hub" because cars and trucks stopped here all night long. It didn't bother us much because the parking lot is huge and we parked far away from the hustle-bustle ...........we slept very well.

In 1939 Cline sold his property to  S. Lynn Smith ("Smitty") who worked the place with his wife. The Smiths prospered and expanded their business. After Smitty's death in 1961 his wife Helen sold Clines Corners. Over the years, Clines Corners Retail Center has had 5 owners.

Looks like the sky is clearing up after all...............we will now continue our drive on route 66 ........another second for Mom but my first. Hope to find something interesting to look at.

Wet kisses to everyone hENRY


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