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Av EvaLena Hallgren - 9 augusti 2020 19:52

we have been home for NINE DAYS!!!!! and I, have told Mom several times that I wanted to finish my story but she's been busy cleaning, gardening and stuff that SHE thinks important, so what can I do other than wait patiently like I always do.

Still in Lousiana and once again Mom looked for something neat to visit but couldn't find anything before New Orleans and even though Mom has been there before that's where we ended up. We stayed in the exact same hotel as Mom stayed last time with Buttons. I feel I'm filling his paws just fine so far and Mom totally agrees.................it was newly renovated and so modern Mom had a hard time figure out the faucets..........but the bed !!!!!!!!! HEAVENLY !!!!!!!!!!!

Founded in 1718 by French colonists, New Orleans was once the territorial capital of French Louisiana before being traded to the United States in 1803. In return for fifteen million dollars, or approximately eighteen dollars per square mile, the United States nominally acquired a total of 828,000 sq mi (2,140,000 km2; 530,000,000 acres) New Orleans in 1840 was the third-most populous city in the United States.

New Orleans is world-renowned for its music, Creole food, and its annual celebrations and festivals, most notably Mardi Gras. The historic heart of the city is the French Quarter known for its French SpanishCreole architecture and vibrant nightlife along Bourbon Street which was the street we went to as soon as Mom got out of the shower. The city has been described as the "most unique" in the United States.




 The city has historically been very vulnerable to flooding due to such factors as high rainfall, low lying elevation, poor natural drainage, and location next to multiple bodies of water. New Orleans was severely affected by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, which flooded more than 80% of the city and killed or displaced thousands of residents, causing a population decline of over 50%. Since Katrina, major redevelopment efforts have led to a rebound in the city's population.

We had supper on a balcony overlooking the street which was unusually quiet,


 HEY !!! I looked at the menu and this is NOT what I wanted......................I think Mom should know what I like by now?

she says she does and this wasn't for me she planned to eat without sharing? what nerve 


As it turned out her heart softened and I got a few tastes of some sliver of meat in one of those bean dishes. Mom said it was really tasty but no way she could finish it all.............Put it here I'll finish it don't let food go to waste ...........Mom said it was too spicy for my tummy.................Why can't I be the judge of that?I say

All of a sudden all hell broke loose, loud drumming people cheering and throwing money down the street..................it was a party..................we never found out what was celebrated but who cares we joined in.............(mom did, isn't my taste) 

Before World War II, the French Quarter was emerging as a major asset to the city's economy. While there was an interest in historic districts at the time, developers pressured to modernize the city. Simultaneously, with the wartime influx of people, property owners opened adult-centered nightclubs to capitalize on the city's risqué image. Wartime Bourbon Street was memorably depicted in Erle Stanley Gardner’s detective novel “Owls Don’t Blink”. After the war, Bourbon Street became the new Storyville in terms of reputation. By the 1940s and 1950s, nightclubs lined Bourbon Street. Over 50 different burlesque shows, striptease acts, and exotic dancers could be found.

All the bars and many stores were closed due to the virus...........not too many people out yet. I bet the town explodes at midnight.

This is a very interesting place to people watch



A Mother daughter bonding 



Street musicians everywhere some better some not so good 



Fortune tellers set up their tables on the street corners...........This guy/girl? was very suspicious about us?



Thes two guys asked Mom if they may pet me, and she said it was my choice, so I took an air whiff, they had many interesting scents ad the guy with the beard had lots of snacks in it (I got a wet rubdown when we got back to the hotel ??)




Mom gave them $5 so they walked away discussing what to get for it .............I bet on a slice of pizza and a beer each.



Here's another street band.................and because of the atmosphere, it sounded ok........... I think it could have been considered noise in another part of the world 



Trying to figure out when an outfit like this would be considered appropriate?




Plenty of stores selling trinkets to tourists, I was especially interested in these toothy things, but nope didn't get one

but I did get in a quick lick 


This guy is a ghost finder you pay him to look in his Ipad to get to know the ghost closer,.............there's a black hanky that dances around a little once in a while ..........You can sell anything in this town it seems


This sure is a very special city but we didn't feel like staying out when the party starts (if it does) so we went back to the hotel early.


Back at the hotel, we watched TV and sprawled out on a kingsize bed until morning .....There's a great park only a block away so that's where I made my morning business.


Then we sat and had a great breakfast outside a cafe.................moms standard order spinach omelet.


There's more to New Orleans than the French Quarters and some very modern buildings and some old and gorgeous


Every town need these 


We went for a very early walk to the riverwalk but there are so many constructions it was difficult to find ways passed everything..............looks like someone got scalped last night???? good thing we went home early



And of course, here's  Harrah's a casino. The casino is the brainchild of Christopher Hemmeter, a hotel developer in the Hawaiian Islands who returned to the mainland in 1991 when he began to develop casino gaming projects. His biggest project was a proposed $1 billion casino in New Orleans. Billed at the time as "the world's largest casino".The original design resembled Monte Carlo's 1861 casino, intending to evoke the New Orleans 1885 Cotton Exposition and Chicago's 1893 World Columbia Exposition. The developers estimated the casino would attract one million additional visitors to the city and would generate annual revenues of as much as $780 million, estimates that were based in part on the proven success of dockside gaming in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area

The contrasts between old and new 


We are now 683 miles from home and its Friday and a hurricane warning for Sat. night so Mom decided we'll drive straight home, and arrived at the house around 10pm.......Initially, Lilly wasn't happy to see us??? but she got over it after a while.


It was a great trip 7502 miles (1 2073km) we have seen a lot and had a great time.........

And Mom said I have been the best travel companion anybody can wish for ...............mmhmm I overheard something about school for me?? because why?  it's a school for both of us Mom says ..........ok I know I'll ace it, not so sure about her though? 

All is back to normal see ya in the hood