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Av EvaLena Hallgren - Torsdag 8 juli 13:22

So here we are again, this is day four of our trip and Mom has not helped me tell my story until now but to her defense, she has been driving a lot. We left on Monday and the first day we drove 506miles (ca800km) because she said we had already seen everything and wanted to get away from the upcoming bad storm 


state road 95 is pretty boring but it is the fastest way to go. First state after Florida is Georgia 


next is South Carolina where we made a quick rest stop at the welcome center

On the border to North Carolina is a tourist trap called South of the border, and Mom thought it'll be a good place to camp out the first night. Unfortunately, the campsite only allowed big RVs and no tent or little SUVs.......... What's up with that?


Mom remembers stopping here the first time she drove to Florida in the eighties and that time there were so many activities shops and lots of people. The only way to describe this place now is by saying dump dump dump


we walked around and took a few pictures before we went back on 95 continuing a few more miles until we found a good place to sleep which ended up being at a hotel parking lot. Not ideal but it was getting late and Mom hates driving in the dark.


24-hour Hot Tamales ??? Mom thought it was a place with light-dressed ladies dancing but that was wrong. It's a Mexican dish made from corn..........haha


we woke up early and continued North on 95 through the next state which is Virginia


somewhere in the middle of the state, Mom decided she had enough of 95 and got off an exit to head towards the Atlantic ocean. I asked if she had any particular place in mind, but I think she just wanted a change of pace.

The second night we slept at a church parking and there was a big field for me to run but was cut short when Mom saw a deer family gracing. It's super cozy in our little home

we are a little further on the road than this, but this is all for now. Mom said there's a great surprise for me in a day or two??? I can't wait 


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