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SUNDAY 7/ 11

Av EvaLena Hallgren - Söndag 11 juli 14:31

Again Mom has been too busy to help me out here, as a matter of fact, she actually left me for an entire day but now I'm getting ahead of myself. 

The surprise ...............I couldn't believe it. we pulled up in front of this house 


and there was my best buddy from home? Curtis was in the garage and I greeted him with as many kisses as I could

and then ran in to see Marlene and kiss her all over, mostly her tasty ears

Here we are at a restaurant waiting to have chicken and dumplings. Mom said she would never order that again but I thought they were good


The following day their daughter Jennifer drove us around to do some sightseeing. I really like her a lot and she let me ride in her lap, which is a no no according to Mom 


There's a lot of old gorgeous houses in Dover, not that I care but Mom likes it a lot


Jennifer introduced us to Miles the Monster at the Dover International Speedway. The track was constructed in 1969 and has hosted NASCAR, USAC, and IndyCar races. From 2007 through 2009 the speedway received an upgrade   during the makeover, a 46-foot fiberglass creature was built outside the racetrack and named Miles the Monster. 

In 2012, Miles the Monster launched a failed run for President of the United States with the campaign slogan “Concrete Change in 2012.” He ran without the backing of a political party


Mom spotted a shop in town that displayed the flag from her puppy country but she's NOT doing any shopping on this trip .................


Jennifer also showed us a great house which is owned by a friend of hers and here I had to stay in the car with Curtis

because there were several chickens running around all over.


after this stop, she took us to Delaware bay where we walked up to a tower for a great view.


Look at these giant tracks, I do not wish to meet the animal that left them. I believe it was a monster, maybe Miles has been here?

whoever left those prints scared  some human so badly he ran away from his shoes

In the evening we were invited to Jen and Shelbys home for an amazing supper. Mom loved it but there was a giant there with a terrifying voice so I spent most of the evening in Curtis's lap. This is the rear end of him.

As the evening progressed Mom overheard something about fishing and she immediately asked if she could come along and was told ok if she can get up at 3AM.....................sure but for what I heard I weren't included? 

What's up with that? huh? 

I did feel pretty sorry for myself when Mom left but settled quickly in Curtis's lap.

Here's a picture of the beginning of the fishing trip

They weren't really fishing they were crabbing and when I saw the pictures of those evil crabs' sharp claws I'm glad I stayed home.

They had a long line where they attached clams in little bags as bait and the guys were taking turns scoping them up as someone driving the boat between the buoys          

Mom also got to try and she did catch one crab, but also undid the line so the captain of the boat had to start over from the beginning. 


she said it was heavy so the rest of the trip she just measured and packed the crabs in bushels. At the end they had 1,5 bushels full.


In the evening we were all invited to Melvin and Brenda's house for a feast. The house and the garden made Mom green of jealousy 


Here I met this lady Amber that couldn't stop kissing me and I certainly didn't mind at all. It turned out she was the owner of that big house where the chicken was running around.


Melvin had cooked those crabs and also made the most amazing french fries. I didn't get to taste any of those ugly things but the fries were great as Mom said.


Look at the table manners of these people? what a mess? and they're hammering and sucking and OMG it was almost embarrassing but it seemed normal for the humans?


I'm finally caught up on my story and tomorrow we'll be leaving all these wonderful people to continue our trip

not sure where to yet, and from experience I know it's no use to ask because Mom keeps changing it all the time.

All is good 

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Lena i England

Söndag 11 juli 19:29

What a lovey surprise meeting up with old friends. Everything looks beautiful, enjoy the rest of your trip. Kram till er båda

EvaLena Hallgren

Måndag 12 juli 02:35

it was and is great, I'm continuing on tomorrow

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