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After Washington DC, we continued to Gettysburg a small town in Pennsylvania where there's a lot of history.

 Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point in the Civil War, the Union victory that ended General Robert E. Lee's second and most ambitious invasion of the North. Often referred to as the "High Water Mark of the Rebellion", Gettysburg was the Civil War's bloodiest battle and was also the inspiration for President Abraham Lincoln's immortal "Gettysburg Address".


as usual, the"no dogs allowed" sign made me work again. Mom was very concerned about how I would handle all the canon shooting but decided to give me a chance. I did think it was a little spooky but stayed quiet ...........I take my job very seriously so I don't understand her worries


Cycloramas were a very popular form of entertainment in the late 1800s, both in America and Europe. These massive, oil-on-canvas paintings were displayed in special auditoriums and enhanced with landscaped foregrounds sometimes featuring trees, grasses, fences, and even life-sized figures. The result was a three-dimensional effect that surrounded viewers who stood on a central platform, literally placing them in the center of the great historic scene. Most cycloramas depicted dramatic events such as great battles, religious epics, or scenes from great works of literature. Hundreds were painted and exhibited in Europe and America during the 1800s, yet most were lost or destroyed as their popularity died out with the introduction of a more entertaining art form, motion pictures.

The "Battle of Gettysburg" Cyclorama at Gettysburg National Military Park is one that has survived. This fantastic painting brings the fury of the final Confederate assault on July 3, 1863, to life, providing the viewer with a sense of what occurred at the battle long touted as the turning point of the Civil War.

The culmination of the battle was captured on canvas by the French artist Paul Philippoteaux, a professional cyclorama painter and artist. Philippoteaux was not present at Gettysburg but came to the United States in 1879 when he was hired by a group of entrepreneurs to paint this monumental work for a special display in Chicago. Philippoteaux arrived in Gettysburg in 1882 armed with a sketchbook, pencils, pens, and a simple guidebook to help him locate the site of the climactic charge. The artist spent several weeks on the battlefield, observing details of the terrain and making hundreds of sketches. To help him recall the landscape with accuracy, Philippoteaux hired a Gettysburg photographer to produce a series of panoramic photographs for his use. These images are some of the earliest detailed photographs of Cemetery Ridge, the Angle, and the "High Water Mark", and the field of Pickett's Charge. Philippoteaux was also lucky enough to interview a number of veterans of the battle, who helped with suggestions on how to depict the chaos of battle.

This was a true masterpiece very spooky and noisy (war is) I kept my cool 

No filming was allowed during so this is after it was over.


 the battle was a crushing defeat for the Confederacy. Union casualties in the battle numbered 23,000, while the Confederates had lost some 28,000 men–more than a third of Lee’s army. The North rejoiced while the South mourned, its hopes for foreign recognition of the Confederacy erased.

Our next stop was a spur-of-the-moment thought. We were very close to Bethlehem in PA where Mom used to visit a friend with two little girls. The little girls have now grown to ladies with kids on their own, and it reminded Mom how old she really is. So much blablabla so I tuned it all out and concentrated to keep an eye on the three big cats living here


Mom decided the little girl would look so much better in the cowboy hat and I agree with her

The following day we set up camp in Lake George, a place Mom visited many years ago it's a popular tourist destination in upstate New York.

The campsite was walking distance to town but because it's in the woods it was hard to keep everything clean, which didn't bother me one bit, but you know how Mom is. Still, it was quite cozy and we had everything we needed.



 Lake George is a town in New York’s vast, protected Adirondack region of mountains and old-growth forest. The town sits on the lake of the same name. On the shore, the Fort William Henry 


Check this out a fort for me, and whomever William is      


we walked and walked and took in all the sights many people take a one hour cruise on the lake.

a sign said no-smoke boats? that's not what I see?

I think they're sending smoke signals to a different village maybe?


fantastic wood carving to show what once was


these ladies reminded Mom of a story from her puppy time but couldn't remember exactly


I wish we could have driven this instead of walking 


there were also trolleys to drive you around but Mom insisted on walking..

I like to bring up something that's bugging me, So many places do not want me on their property but I promise I'm not the one that leaves trash behind. Sure I do my business but Mom picks that up so I don't understand why I can't go everywhere, but the people that leave their trash can?


some people have a very different taste


Finally a break, I like to sit around watching people go by


many beautiful buildings and flowerpots everywhere, in other words, a typical tourist town 


Early morning we parked by the lake and this is what caught Mom's eye...................I thought NOWAY but she said oh yes because she did it last time here 30+years ago. Do you see that small dot in the sky? That's a parachute that's being pulled by a boat.

Luckily it's getting too hot for me to stay in the car and this time I'm glad there were no dogs allowed. 


we're now on to our next destination and Mom said it might be a great surprise for me................hope so

all is well 


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