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 Good morning, last night the weatherman on the radio kept warning that we should expect severe storms and to stay off the roads, so Mom started to look for a motel to get inside. Little did we know that where we are now is more expensive than any other place we visited. Noway were mom going to pay $600 to get indoors so after a lot of calling around she finally found this place that "only" charged $285 for one night. As it turned out it was already occupied 


He didn't take much room so we stayed anyway. I offered to eat it, but Mom thought that was too gross and it could make me sick 

I'm getting ahead of myself again, this is the last two days drive

My surprise was great, I got my cookies and a great smooch before we continued on our way. We left Pennsylvania and drove to Vermont, where Mom used to go skiing when she lived in NY. 


According to Mom, this area looks exactly like her puppy country. I haven't been there yet but she promised next year that's where we're going for sure 

this is kind of telling a little about this area....................funny 

Looks like Lilly has been here too? Must have been in her previous life because I don't believe sweet Lilly would do anything like this now


The next state is New Hampshire and that's pretty much more of the same ..................forest and mountains. We slept close to this nice peaceful wterfall.


New Hampshire has their discount liquor shops at the rest-stops along the highway?   Seems strange to Mom 

But they also serve great breakfasts


OK, so liquor is ok, but not snacks?? Why do adults need to be told what to eat? That's really strange according to Mom, but I will remind her next time she tells ME not to eat some great stuff I'm sometimes lucky to find in the streets.

Just like Europe.........great art in the middle of a roundabout 


small village streets are lined with pictures of their fallen soldiers from wars overseas on their telephone poles. .........sad


This is a begonia that Mom wishes she could have, she's never seen it before and was considering snipping a leaf, but it would be hard to keep alive until we get back.


We're getting closer to the ocean and Maine.


Driving along the coastline which is known for its rocky coastline, maritime history, and nature areas like the granite and spruce islands of Acadia National Park. Moose are plentiful in Baxter State Park, home to Mt. Katahdin, the endpoint of the Appalachian Trail. Lighthouses such as the candy-striped beacon at West Quoddy Head, dot the coast, as do lobster shacks and sandy beaches like Ogunquit and Old Orchard. 

The multi-billion mansions also line the coast.



Lot's of lobster fishermen here 

And a 101year old lobster fishing lady that became Moms role model......................she's driving a huge TRUCK mom admire her 

here's interesting information Mom never knew..........


We're slowly driving north while Mom is looking for a campsite (fancy places like this frown upon overnight vehicles parked) Little did we know they aren't interested in giving us a small spot either. Only if you drive a huge bus like this are you welcome? And everything is booked ..........no more room anywhere??


A police officer in York that's biking up and down the shore to give parking tickets was really cool. He said we're ok for a few minutes if we only wanted to look and take pictures.


This area is gorgeous with many light houses, Google says there are 65............

The first one we visited was Nubble. In 1874 Congress appropriated $15,000 to build a light station at the "Nubble" and in 1879 construction began. Cape Neddick Light Station was dedicated by the U.S Lighthouse Service and put into use in 1879. It is still in use today.


Considered to be the "most photographed" lighthouse, and I could understand that it is a 41-foot conical tower sitting on a cliff on its own. There's also an island tramway supply bucket to get across  

  • Nubble Lighthouse keeper Eugene Coleman likely offered up a few celebratory fist pumps in 1938, the year when both electricity and indoor plumbing were introduced to the Nubble. It’s said that he inherited the previous keeper’s large tabby cat–nearly 20 pounds’ worth of feline companionship. Known as Mr. T, the cat became a tourist attraction himself and was often spotted swimming to and from the mainland.
  • Twice a year–for “Christmas in July” (July 28 this year) and to kick off the holiday season (November 30)–the Nubble’s white lights are illuminated ceremoniously. More than 1,230 feet of rope lighting edge the lighthouse and outbuildings, costing the town about $3,000 per year

This town seems very pet-friendly and I made a friend that was off lead??  MOM!!!!  I wasn't trusted on the cliffs ?


 this girl had the nerve to photobomb me


we spent a few hours here just sitting around looking at people and the ocean, very very pretty area.


seagulls had some cliffs on their own to poop on




we're now in a town named Freeport and it's very nice here, but incredibly expensive, so I don't think we'll be staying here long and even though we don't have too far left to get to Canada it looks like the border still are closed because of Covid...............so change of plans? not all that unusual for Mom so just wait and ee what happens.


Special store for me, and yeeeesssss cookies............ nobody in here gave me any attention??? what's wrong with them?




The storm warning turned into nothing more than a little rain as usual and looking at the forecast it doesn't look any worse. I thought Mom should know how the weather people always like to exaggerate and create drama after living in Florida for years..........she says they may be different up here..........nope same stuff.


We'll keep on driving in a few and who knows where we'll end up tomorrow.

All is good







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