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MONDAY 7/19-21

Av EvaLena Hallgren - 20 juli 2021 01:09

We left the hotel around 11 am and continued North on route 1 following Maines coastline, many small villages start to look much the same but New Caste stuck out not only because there was a 24-hour rest stop nearby. My Mom had just stopped so both of us could take care of business and we met the guy that tended the lot. We asked if we could stay overnight and were told many people do that and it's ok. They kept chatting for 45 min. and when Mom complained about how expensive everything was here in Maine he said that's how it is south of here and he wanted the state cut off by the bridge. We supposed he wasn't too impressed by all the rich tourists visiting.

His name is Don and he came back in the morning without bringing coffee for Mom and a treat for me....................... .what nerve


New Castle is a very nice little town not too crowded and no wall-to-wall T-shirt shops. It appeared to be mostly locals who stopped for a bite to eat have a beer and listen to live music.Great dogfriendly place  

Here we finally got a whole lobster ............well Mom did........... I got some french fries


After supper and a walk around town, we went back to the rest-stop for the night.

Mom doesn't know but I spend a lot of the night keeping watch. That's my job and I can sleep while she drives.


The following day's first stop was Pemaquid Point, with its dramatic streaks of light and dark rock reaching to the sea, shaped by massive movements thousands of years ago, was a fascinating place to visit even without its pretty white lighthouse. The spot is one of the most frequently visited attractions of the Maine coast, receiving about 100,000 visitors each year.
The name “Pemaquid” is said to have had its origins in an Abenaki Indian word for “situated far out.”

It's a cloudy cold day and Mom didn't feel comfortable walking on the cliffs further out, could be slippery she said and I didn't mind going back to the car and curl up in a blanket.



It's raining and it's windy which messes with my hair..............Mom's hair we shouldn't even talk about..............it's called

camping hair she says and she don't care



From here we drove to Camden Hills state park where we set up camp

By now Mom has it all up in 15 min, and I think it's quite cozy


In the early morning, we went for a hike to Mnt Megunticook 1385 ft. Still a slight drizzle and very foggy



Here we are taking a break before heading back to our camp. Mom really wanted to stay another night but our spot was booked by new guests 


I wasn't supposed to share this movie because Mom doesn't want to admit she's huffing and getting tired..................

No dogs are allowed without a leash in the park, but the rebel in Mom let me loose sometimes when she feels I can be trusted...........and I love love love to run


we had to pack up and continue on and made a short stop in Belfast so Mom can do her laundry


The next stop was Fort Knox


I tell you all about it tomorrow, now it's getting dark and time to light a fire. We are just outside Acadia National park camping. As usual, there are no campsites within the park but close enough to get the feel...GoodNight


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